Hobo with a Shotgun review


Hobo with a Shotgun will be out on dvd and blu ray July 5th..this is the early review


This has me puzzled. In 2007, when the Grindhouse buzz was so loud..was another buzz, it was about this trailer for a fake film called Hobo with a Shotgun. You talk about something that took off and had a life of its own. I mean, it built in so much buzz. So, here we are 4 years later..the film came out with barely a whimper and now is on dvd. Does anyone seem as puzzled as me? Like Grindhouse, how could this film have failed? Last year, was the Expendables. The big comeback film for all these yesteryear heroes of film. And, as bad or good as the film was ( depending on who you ask) it really took off. All of us old school fans were talking about the starring of Rutger Hauer as the Hobo. Come on, Blade Runner, the Hitcher, Wanted Dead or Alive…Rutger is the man. And then you have Magnet releasing it. Talk about a company that really is catering to the fans. They are giving you left and right diversity. Whether you liked Rubber, Monsters, I Saw the Devil…and etc…these are major gambles for any studio and are not the usual safe films majors put out. So, how could this film have failed?


The plot is pretty standard. Society has become a cess pool of crime, violence, and pedophilia and one man has had enough. He is a hobo and gets a shotgun and tries to make a difference. In a twist of old school troma and grindhouse, this is also a  film about the people who try to stop the hobo from cleaning the city and streets. It almost mirrors our day and time, when people know things are wrong and they just choose to sit by and let things happen..


This film has an audience. And that is why I am so shocked, this film was not making bank. But, on dvd and blu ray is a second life hopefully. I can say a million positive things and a million negative, but this film is what fans of this genre lust. It is violent, and cold blooded and forsakes a plot to just deliver as much killing as one film can give you. I think this is a great popcorn film. Shut your brain off, and just sit back. If you are going into this film with a notebook and wanting to think you are above this film, you may not be the person it is geared towards. There is a scene in the hospital with two robots trying to get the hobo that I thought was so cool. This film reminded me at times of the first Robo Cop. It was just a fun violent bloodbath. How can anyone who reviews in this genre hate this film?  Plus, I love the art work and cover art, and I loved the feel of this film. That anything can happen at any time. I think this film should have done for Rutger what the Wrestler did for Mickey Rourke. This film felt like a missed opportunity. This should have been huge and had a good theater run. This is the anti to the weekly new Rock film, or Jason Stantham, or whatever person needs to revitalize his career with a generic action film. Good fun film. This is that film that one night some yuppie will discover on Showtime and next thing you know the world is talking about this film. How can films like Avatar and Twilight make billions, and films like Grindhouse, and Hobo with a Shotgun do not even make a dent. Sad times.


7.5 out of 10