Hellraiser: Revelations Gets an October 18th Release

Hellraiser: RevelationsDimension Extreme has listed Victor Garcia’s Hellraiser: Revelations, starring Steven Brand, Sanny Van Heteren, Tracey Fairaway, Daniel Buran and Devon Sorvari, for release on home video October 18.

“Two friends in Mexico discover the Lament Configuration and unleash Pinhead, but one decides to try to survive by swapping himself with someone else. Once they go missing, family members go in search of them but find Pinhead instead.”

  • A bit of info. This film was originally supposed to come out in June. Dimension sent the screeners for reviews. I wrote a review, and Dimension sent a email that we need to send all the copies back and gave us a address. It seems the first batch of reviews were so negative that they asked everyone not to review to pull any mention of it. Now, since they have more titles to release later in the year this will be re released with no press screeners. I will say this, if you are a die hard hellraiser fan and thought they could not get any worst than Deader and Hellworld…you are in for a shocker..this film is the worst film of 2011.. a total bore and wait till you see faux hellraiser what a joke…