Hanin Elias-Get it Back cd review

To understand what brought us to this so called heavily rumored ” swan song” cd, let us look back at the artist that is Hanin Elias. American audiences got their first taste of her when she co fronted the Atari Teenage Riot. She also, before Shirley Manson got the gig, tried out to be the lead singer of Garbage. ( as did Meg Lee Chin, and Lesley Rankine..well actually Lesley won the gig and thought about it and turned it down to form Ruby) Hanin, quit the Atari Teenage Riot halfway thru a show. Then, came her first record In Flames. Which was what you would expect, except halfway thru the cd, the screaming stopped and she was actually experimenting in everything from harmonies and low fi. ( with help from the girls in Le Tigre) Then, came side projects…The Vanishing, Psycho Bitch…And we got a second solo record from Ms Elias. This time, she employed J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. And changed her sound somewhat, but songs like You Suck, Blue, and The Bee..were Hanin..old school screaming industrial political..Then, she became part of Pigface but not before she unleashed Future Noir..This to me was her best solo work to date. You got the title track and Fight Together which opened a new door for Hanin, a less screaming and more sensual politician..but songs like Eaten Alive and City Lights showed what fans wanted to see from Hanin, sexuality and boy did she turn it on strongly. This was a more mature Hanin. Then came her first studio record with Pigface the god awful 9. ( that is why I mentioned Meg and Lesley earlier, because they also did their time in Pigface when Pigface did great music..not today’s Pigface who are just a pathetic shell of what they once were)

Which brings us to Get it Back. What a strange time to release this cd and have rumors this is your last solo cd?? I am puzzled. With the rumors of Atari Teenage Riot back together, and their new cd coming out in July and a tour. Is Hanin back with them? She has denied it, but look at what is going on. It would rule to see this happen, but if not go buy Burn Berlin Burn. That is their best cd and they will never be that awesome again. Come on, they sample Slayer, Powermad, Nirvana, and they re defined the genre with that cd. God, am I just selling all these cds…Future Noir, and Atari’s best cd..now let me discuss this new cd-which blows away Future Noir by a mile.

I will be honest, if this is Hanin’s last cd..she ended on a high note. This cd is more of a part remix of her fave songs to perform live and some new songs and a cover song. She does an amazing remix of Future Noir with Tying Tiffany. And a new song called Get it back she does with the guitarist of Die Krupps. It seems that Hanin Elias is juggling both electronica and dub on several of these songs. Some songs like the Dead Eyes mix, kinda is a new step for Hanin. And it works for me, but a lot of die hards fans this may divide for the direction. Her cover of Money ( that’s what I want) is better then her PIL tribute song on that cd, but I felt this should have been on the last Cobra Killer cd and not Hanin Elias’s cd, it did not fit. Melancolia sounds like Hanin Elias singing for Portishead. I really was surprised how much this song grew on me. I love this style for Hanin. Songs like Do you know are staple songs for Hanin. You know there is going to be that one old school feeling and attitude song. The negative is easy, why did this cd take 7 years to come out?

This cd in ways is more growth and progression for Hanin, but shades of her past. If this is the way she is going out, I will say this is 2011’s best cd to date. Hanin Elias fans this is the cd you been expecting after the amazing Future Noir. And when you hear songs like New Order she does with Vigilante, they are really going to get you up and moving. This is not stand still music..this is get up and react. While the cover of Money will eventually grow on me, this cd has so much going for it, that by the end of this cd I forgot about that one song I did not get into.

Hanin Elias best cd to date

10 out of 10