Exorcismus review

Plot-Fifteen-year-old Emma, a normal 15 year old teenager. As the movie starts, we see her cutting her hand open with a knife. One day after a fight with her parents, she goes into a seizure. They rush her to a hospital, only to find out..she is ok. Soon, the seizures become common as does her visions, and they soon discover when she floats off the ground,she is possessed by a demon. Her uncle who is a priest ( played by Hellraiser’s own Doug Bradley) is asked to help her, but we soon find out the priest is going thru his own struggles as well. We are told that the demon is using Emma as a vessel for his harm and pain. Any time she is alone with someone she loves, she is possessed to try and hurt or kill them.

Review-It seems like after a absence, we now have what a new exorcism film every three months. How many more do we truly need? I loved Insidious, Last Exorcism was really good as well..this film was different. A twist to the same old same old, but in the end it is still the same old. This film has a slow build as do most possession films. This is that story of the normal family who just one day are faced with a situation that makes them above normal. I feel like a lot of this film held back. Like, it was trying to play it safe. Even with the exorcism scenes. The selling point for me was the final 15 minutes and the reveal. I did not see that coming. There are some Omen-ish scenes like what goes on between her and her baby brother. A scene she tries to drown him in the tub after being playful with him. And the scene where she takes his ball and throws it, and as the ball keeps rolling you see the street and they draw you in. Or the car crash scene, which when it happens you see it coming from a mile away, but it is a awesomely shot scene.

In the end, this film has some positives and some negatives. And I felt if this film was 20 minutes shorter it would have been so much more effective. This film had a few scenes that I really dug alot. Like what happens to her mom. That was a pretty intense scene. I thought the script while it was well written, at times it seemed redundant. We find out in the film that the Priest had a exorcism before Emma, that did not go so well and got him in trouble. The flashback scenes for that were ok. I just felt they could have done so much more with the possession stuff, but this felt like The Last Exorcism meets The Omen. With a cool little twist thrown in.

6.66 out of 10

( I waited for this film to have that kind of rating)

  • When she is given good scenes ,that is to say when she is out of the court ,and gets away from the brilliant lawyer clichés,Laura Linney is a classy actress ,as moving in dramas as she was funny in comedies (“Truman’s show “)