Death Hunter: Werewolves vs Vampires review

Plot-John Croix watches his wife get abducted by vampires. While he is running away and deserting his pregnant wife he gets bitten by a werewolf. Now, he is on a crash course with those vampires to get his love back.

Review-Oh lord. Talk about a bad film. This is 90 minutes of just bad. Whether it is the acting, or the makeup and costume design. This film is bad, and not even in the bad I want to see it anyway is in the bad how could I waste so much time with this. This film starts off with a young couple in the woods, tent all propped up and dude spends around 5 minutes looking for a condom and when he finds it..werewolves attack his girl. And boy do these werewolves look so poorly done, like they got some reject who watched Face Off( the reality show not the John Woo film) and stole some ideas. Then, we fast forward to John Croix, and his pregnant girlfriend. Who are out of gas and pull over at this dive. And when they go inside there are stripper poles and bad music, but the girls are all dressed? This must be a PC strip club. Well, we find out that its a vampire hang out and they take his wife..and instead of defending her, he takes off and all of a sudden the car has gas. He has some vampires hanging on the car, oh man was the scenery in the background, just so bad. It looked like they water painted the background to the road trip. Then, he kills a vampire with his car, and the sunlight comes out..the vampire who is trapped on the front of the car just turns to flame, but the car does not have one burn mark.Then, John goes on this desert trip which is never explained. During this plight he is on, he gets bitten by a werewolf. And you can guess the rest, he wants revenge on the vampires who took his woman. Around the hour plus mark they get into this lame fight. And then the credits. This film really was bad. I bet the amazon price for this dvd is more than the budget for the film. I blame Freddy vs Jason for this. When that film put new life into both of those franchises, everyone had to do a vs film. Dollman, Puppet Master, Mega something vs Giant something else, and Ninjas, Vampires, Zombies, and Werewolves and any damn thing. The lead character tried to look like Chris Jericho, he looked more like a broke Gordon Ramsey.

The sad thing, in 10 years one of the actors in this film will be some breakout talent.

1 out of 10