Cyrus review

Coming to home video on June 28th thru Anchor Bay..this is the advance review

Plot- According to the movie box..this is supposedly based on true events. A small independent news crew led by Danielle Harris investigate a series of unexplained disappearances in a small Midwestern county. The journey to find out all they can about Cyrus lead them to Lance Henriksen who knows a lot about both Cyrus and the victims and is willing to share the info. What proceeds is a story told in flashbacks how someone can snap and become a serial killer and cannibal.

Review-This film…I like it somewhat, but I can see why a lot of fans will be torn on their feelings towards both the film and material. This film almost seemed like a clip package of almost every cannibal or serial killer film we have seen in the last 30 years. The film has a lot of name value..You have Danielle Harris being Danielle. Lance playing the same role he seems to get offered and takes and acts with his eyes shut…Tiffany Shepis as Cyrus’s mom in a few flashback scenes who really has fun with the role..and then Brian Krause as Cyrus and Doug Jones and Rae Dawn Chong in bit roles…So this film has a few names who are more than marquee filler and can act if given something to work with.

The flashbacks show Cyrus was mistreated and mentally abused by his mother. And, he was a POW in the war and when he came home..he bought him and his wife a farm..and she flips out and talks down to him and does not appreciate him. She cheats on him, and he catches her. So, he kills her, her lover and the baby Cyrus and his wife share. He takes his wife and her lovers body and grinds them into meat to sell at his diner, and the name of the hamburger is called Road Kill. It becomes a hit in the town, the best hamburger they ever ate. So, he needs more victims to make more meat. Which as the story goes on, we find out he is a great hunter. Of both animal and human. The film focuses on one victim called Vicky. He thinks she is his wife come back to make it all better. And, there is a scene which involves breast feeding a dead baby.
The film has some decent gore, and like I said..this film will have fans split down the middle..if you are new to horror and have not seen a Long Pigs, Henry or Behind the may like this film. If you have seen them, the film is nothing you have not seen before, but again it was not that bad. The last 15 minutes was both really smart, yet really predictable. Even a blind man could see all the twists in this film..but the one involving the door and the road..was pretty clever. Come to think of it, the film did finish ok.

The bonus features were a trailer that is for the film..but the making of was fun. It had a few interviews. Do not think Danielle, or Tiffany gave up time to do it. It was Brian and the director who did the bulk of it.

7 out of 10

  • If it would have been presented in a tongue-in-cheek “Cannibal”-style musical, it might possibly have been at least marginally entertaining (if not another copy of slasher parody/scary movie films). As it stands, however, I’d rather chew aluminum foil than sit through this “schtinker” to the very end!