Cropsey review

Plot-Based on a urban legend, 2 film makers investigate the mystery surrounding five missing children and the real-life boogeyman linked to their disappearances.

Review-Before I start this review, no matter if you like this film or hate it (and trust me you will be divided, there are going to be some die hards of this film and some who will dislike it) you have to salute Breaking Glass for putting out films like this, The Dawning and Bleading Lady in the last few months. They are starting to really think outside of the box in terms of what boundaries horror and film has. To like this film all depends on how much you can get into the story and believe in the characters and what they are telling you. To me, this film felt like a long 20/20 story on a serial killer. I think films like this would never have existed if it was not for films like Blair Witch or Open Water. This is more talked about then actually seen. There is one really good chilling scene when they go into the building ( the farm colony) that had satanic rituals. That 5 minutes built a fear and really worked on it, but like the film it really did nothing with it. They use archived footage and go over each of the 5 victims with their families and friends. Who most of them do not share the same stories as to who the Cropsey was. Soon, they tell us it may or may not be a escaped mental patient who lives in tunnels.

This film is 84 minutes of stories from the legal team in the court case, victims parents, and acquaintances of the person who they think is Cropsey. I tried so hard to get into this story. And it was very well written, esp. when the directors of this film are sending mail with the man in jail. This film changes it’s theme around the hour mark, and all of a sudden they are telling you it may be a cult,human sacrifices, satanists, or this and that. It is like that fishing story of the one who got away and when it loses your attention all of a sudden the story changes. There was not enough time spent on the Cropsey persona. Or at least something that would get us excited. In the end, this film will have it’s fans and will have its haters. I will stay on the fence. I just wish they would have capitalized on the boogeyman feel they try to build.

4 out of 10