Bloodlust Zombies review

Coming to dvd on July 5th..this is the advance review

Plot-This film takes place at a weapon manufacturing lab. They created this chemical called BC 42. It makes people brain-dead and creates a bloodlust to kill their own. They were going to use this to stop war and let the soldiers come home. Instead of a all out war with our troops we just infect the enemy with this and they will kill each other in rage. Well, as things like this happen pretty random in films, the chemical is exposed and people get infected and zombies are created.

Review-” Listen we have 75k, we are going to make a zombie film and we signed Alexis Texas”. No offense to anyone, but if I am part of the committee and someone gives me that pitch, why not green light the film. They could always do worst…” hey we have Tori Black, the so called most downloaded porn star in history and we are going to make a dinner with andre kind of werewolf film with no nudity and a huge budget..any takers”. My bad, they did that film with Half Moon. Now, her co star from Batman the Porn Parody is taking a stab at a horror film. Alexis Texas, surprise is not the negative to the film. The film is the negative to the film. While not as bad as Half Moon, this film is pretty bad. Which really sucks, they had so much to work with. The character of Darren, to me was the most fun. He is your typical sexist pig co worker who always has to make something sexual out of anything. And his dialogue I had fun with. Alexis was eye candy, she really had nothing special to do. Just stand there and do some mild nudity and try to act. So, she really did not get to show off her acting chops, she just played the dumb blonde sex symbol. So far in this new era of porn stars who turn to serious actors and actresses…Sasha is the one who really has broke the mold..the rest as of late just look like they are so paper, that if they do not have a sexual partner and letting their body do their acting, that they are lost. This film was a total bore. I mean how they broke the glass to let the chemical be exposed was a joke. They hear people having sex on a intercom and all of these people just act like they never heard sex in their lives and start trying to dance and act out the sex going on. This film tried so hard to be funny. They have this intern who thinks she is Rambo, and it just feels so phony and boring. She does a very long winded boring speech with the security guard about how they need to toughen up but 2 mins earlier or prior to the scene she was screaming and crying and running for her life. This is what people think of when you say indie film, and that is sad. Indie films have made such great strides to break away from films like this. Alexis Texas is trying to be the next Pamela Anderson…sad, if she only had something to work with and a agent who took her more serious to be an actress and not some porn star. I think she could breakout why not, ChromeSkull Laid to Rest 2 has another ex porn star trying to break out, and so does Hostel 3. So obviously, any porn star can breakout with the right role. This is not that right role.

3.5 out of 10