Asylum Seekers review


Asylum Seekers will be on dvd August 30th..this is the early review.


Plot-6 total strangers, each with their emotional problems decide to check themselves in to a mental hospital only to find out there is only room for one of them. So they have to see which one of them deserves it the most. May the best lunatic win.


Review-ha ha..I think I know how people felt in the 70’s when they sat in The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Pink Flamingos for the first time. This film is odd, weird and just really bizarre. It is like the weird cousin of Michel Gondry. This film deserves points alone cause there is not one second in this film that you can say..” I know there they got that from” or even guess what will happen next. You know in the first few seconds that Dr. Atone Raby has some issues. He is sitting at a dinner with some guests and during his blessing of the food he mentions the cleavage of the girl beside him and proceeds to act out to the point they put him in a hospital for help. Well, there are 5 others who have issues as well. They range from a white transgender rapper and a conspiracy theorist who thinks everyone is the enemy, a woman who fakes a pregnancy, a woman who seeks attention and a young girl named Alice who is a computer geek who has a love for electricity. A weird lust almost. They find out there is only one spot. So they have to compete to see who deserves it the most. Ok, sounds normal enough. They do a talent contest called Madness Icon. They go from dancing, to spoken word, to trying to electrocute oneself to a puppet show. There is a voice who talks to them thru the film. Doctor who controls this contest. Then, there is Nurse Millie and her assistants Mickey and Minnie. Yes, you read this correctly.


I will say this is all hit and miss. Some scenes were fun, but some of the stuff like the Icon show was kinda lame. But, in the last twenty five minutes is something that really redeemed this film for me. They are drugged and put in this world where they have costumes of animals on and they are living in this reality. Those scenes were so bizarre and just weird. But, they were fun. It was like a sick joke, that we as a society are not supposed to laugh about but cannot help ourselves. I am telling you guys, Rania Ajami who directed this film is one to watch. She has some talent and boy she must use a lot of drugs like LSD and crack. Then, there are a few musical numbers which were so odd. It was like a adult fairy tale..this is our Rocky Horror Picture Show, is that a good thing or bad thing, who knows but this has future cult hit written all over it. This film is special. And then you got the falling in love between two of the six, which results in one of the weirdest bathtub scenes in recent memories. And the scene where they are playing some sick kind of hide and seek, that just made me felt like I was on a high. I was like…” huh”…Ok, I think I am understanding somewhat..and thank you Rania for not doing the cop out Hollywood ending or even commercializing one second of this film. This is a film that you need a group of people and just do a lot of drugs and drink a lot and just sit back. This film is not a journey or trip..its a portal into the future of film making.  And major kudos for any studio with the balls to release it. See this on August 30th and have fun.


7.75 out of 10