A Different Look At Morbid Angel’s Illud Divinum Insanus

Morbid Angel Illud Divinum InsanusI am very excited to post this one. We have a music review for Morbid Angel’s Illud Divinum Insanus from the one and only FearShop Frank, my partner in crime. It is always great to get his opinion on things and even better when it is on metal. He is someone that I trust in his metal tendencies. After his review, I will give my opinion on his thoughts.

The dreaded experimental album. Every band around long enough has one. The Doors had “The Soft Parade”, Neil Young “Trans”, Kiss “The Elder”, etc. When fans began spreading word about the new Morbid Angel album being completely different and quite frankly, crappy, I was intrigued. I own Altars of Madness and that is the extent of my MA collection. So I am by no means a diehard fan. I had the pleasure to see them open for Pantera on the Extreme Steel Tour and was blown away by Trey Azagthoth’s shredding. A great night all around.  I went into my PS3 and Qriocity music service and found MA’s new CD Illud Divinum Insanus. Track by track I went and a few stood out to me. The first being “I Am Morbid” along with “Destructos vs The Earth”, “Nevermore” and “Profundis Mea Culpa”. In my opinion the only track a diehard MA fan would like is “Nevermore”. Whereas, a track like “Radikult” could push an MA fan over the edge. Best to skip that track. Surprisingly I loved Azagthoth’s guitar on that track (start the track at 3:48 to hear it). Although it was not shredding, it had a certain feel to it.

Now on to why I feel Morbid Angel needs to be given a chance on this. Remember the uproar when Slayer released “South of Heaven”? Well I was in high school and you would have thought the world was collapsing around the entire metal world. I heard things like sell outs, commercial, and this is the end of Slayer. Now twenty plus years later that album is not only accepted by Slayer fans but loved by many. Same with Iron Maiden’s “Caught Somewhere in Time”. That album was crushed by Maiden fans when first released. Now it is a fan favorite. Jusdas Priest and Turbo Lover? Well that is still probably 75-25 on the hate side. In my opinion you need to hear Illud Divinum Insanus live before you totally crush it. I absolutely hate Iced Earth’s Horror Show. I mean I could not have been more disappointed when it was released in 2001. Then I saw them live and it was like hearing totally different songs. I admit I still hate the album but would not mind hearing them perform a track or two live.

I like when my favorite bands step outside the safe zone (ok not too far like Metallica has done). Some have become favorites of mine like Wasp’s Kill Fuck Die and Sabbath’s Born Again. Some get shelved forever like JP’s Turbo Lover and Halford’s 2wo project. I think you will also find that the albums following the experimental album are new and refreshed (unless you are Queensryche) and heavier than ever. So don’t burn those Morbid Angel shirts just yet. Give Morbid Angel’s Illud Divinum Insanus a listen and decide for yourself but go into it with an open mind and know this usually does a band good in the long run.

Good stuff there from Frank. Make sure that you are checking out or site at FearShop.com (shameless plug). If you would like to check out my review on it, check it out here. I was not a huge fan of the album, but was not a total hater on it either. I doubt that I will get many more listens out of it, but I do see where Frank was coming from. Some of the albums that he mentioned are some of my favorites from those bands. Could you seriously imagine Slayer without South of Heaven in their arsenal or Iron Maiden with Somewhere in Time? I am very glad that they releases these albums. Hell, even Judas Priest with Turbo was a good release. Add that to the fact that Priest…Live is one of the greatest albums of all time and I can see where he is coming from. I do hope to give Illud Divinum Insanus its fair shake, so I plan to listen to it a few more times. It has not been deleted… yet.

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