Midnite Mausoleum Presents Zombie Abomination – The Italian Zombie Movie Part 1 review


“Now,the real test will be the next disc. I think for a series like this to work, the films they choose to host have to at least have some cult appeal with them”


I remember watching the first Midnight Mausoleum and when it came time to review it. That was my main concern. I am proud to say, I just finished disc 2 and it was really a fun time. This time our gals are joined by Grimms and Sascratch. ( Grimms is their grim reaper character, and Sascratch is Thomas Berdinski’s alter ego) We have our hosts Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves and they are in the woods cooking hot dogs, hamburgers, tents, and sporting events. Which borders from the comical approach of a sack race with our gals taking on Sascratch and Grimms to a weird horse shoe game to other games that they kind of throw common sense out the door..It was all in good fun. This is the side stuff that happens while we watch The Italian Zombie Film Part 1-Zombie Abomination. If you are new to this series, let me tell you a little about it. They basically host a horror film and give some in between skits.


If you are unfamiliar with the IZF let me give you some insight. It is a film that was filmed with a very small if anything budget by Thomas Berdinski. His nod to the old school of people like Romero, Fulci..( which you will see in the first few seconds of this film all you Fulci fans) and films like Burial Ground. I have to admit, this is my first time watching it. I had a good time with it. When you watch later in this dvd, when Berdinski actually is sharing his thoughts to the ladies about this film, you have to cheerlead for him and this film. This film is about twin brothers, Dario and Sergeant Bruno. Dario is killed in the beginning, in a homage to The Beyond and Zombie 2. Bruno is out to find out what killed his brother, along the way he learns about a government conspiracy and human testing that killed a lot of soldiers. Well, it seems the soldiers are coming back to life. We also get to know some other characters like Dario’s wife who is psychic. One of my fave lines..” if she is psychic why did’nt she see Dario’s death coming”. Well, the body is not even in the grave cold yet, and she is hitting on her brother in law. Then, we have the Dr Falluci, who is a pervert with his temp nurse and is responsible for all this zombie madness. Then there is Ruggerro who is not only a sexist pig, but makes fun of any handicap that people have. He treats his girlfriend Maria like trash. In one part, he gets bit by a zombie and makes her push the car with him steering and a zombie outside of it. This film has something for anyone. It has some cool horror, a gross bathroom scene, and a lot of just humorous one liners. This film is a cult film if there was ever one.


Now, why stop there..let me talk about these extras. You get Berdinski’s new project the 15 minute short called The Giant Rubber Monster Movie which if you have not seen The Collective-The Meat Eater yet, this was one of the biggest shocks to me -holy shit,  how fun this film was. And you get the Midnite girls in cameos. Also in these credits you get a extended credit roll that really shows how much class and heart Berdinski has. And also the Robyn and Sascratch bit..that was just odd.


I will say this, Sascratch to me was the star of this one. He really was just so damn silly. That there is no way possible you will not sit there and watch the antics and not want to laugh. It is just goofy. And, with Marlena and Robyn being more serious, it really shined and to see Grimms do sports was just absurd. The sack race between the girls and Sascratch and Grimms was just fun.


This dvd is 5.00 plus shipping and I will say this right now..if you are a film geek, a horror geek or in a dorm wanting that weird film you and your room mates can get a crowd to have fun with..this is it. Fuck, it is cheaper than a movie ticket. How can anyone not want to take advantage of this deal. I am stoked for Part 2…and a personal note..Robyn please do not encourage Sascratch…


7.75 out of 10