36th Precinct review

Plot-Based on true events that director Olivier Marchal went thru during his time as a police officer. A gang has hit 7 armored vans in a year and a half. Killed 9 guards and drivers. And has ran away with 2 Million Euros. The chief wants a stop to all this, so when he finds out he is being promoted..he offers the person who can stop this crime his old job as the reward. Leo Vrinks and Denis Klein are two cops seeking promotion, and to catch this gang blurs the line of morality and shows us there is no difference between the cops and the criminals.

Review-Talk about a good concept and a cold blooded approach. The first few minutes of this film, the gang beat up a female bartender and rape her. Then, we cut away and see the cops partying down the road with a cross dresser and shooting up a bar trying to kill a rat. You just know then, that maybe this film is going to be very dark. And boy was I right. This film has some scenes, like what Leo does to get this promotion. From trusting prisoner snitches to help him get leads by doing things cops probably would never dream about, like letting a convict out of jail to get revenge on those who prisoned him. But, as bad as Leo sinks..Denis sinks lower. When he intentionally screws up a bust of the gang for his selfish needs and looks as some of his cop friends are being killed and looking like he has no care. Or just what lows he will stoop too, to expose Leo and hide his faults.

This film is in subtitles and at times the words go faster than one can read. Also at times the violence felt like a tv show. It was like you were watching a cop drama on the BBC. Like if they had a french Shield. Another fault, is that the film built up for a strong ending and it kind of did not deliver that ending. I was letdown by the final act of this film. It was like, they were building a great story for the first 1 hour and 35 minutes. And the final 16 minutes just felt so flat.

When one cop goes to jail for the crimes and the other one gets the position, and the mentality changes..it really worked. This was a great written script for the most part, and at times it felt real. All in all, it was not too bad. I would say if you are a fan of cop shows, and films like Departed you may like this.

6 out of 10