When a Killer Calls review

Plot-The Asylum, the kings of the mock-buster, have re released their version of When a Stranger Calls. A babysitter with her boyfriend and his friends are being stalked by a person who is calling the house.

Review-Films like this are such easy targets. You know from the get go how bad they could get, and by the end, you sit there and know if you hate it, you come off looking stupid, cause you knew it was going to be bad. The first kill of the film involves a woman, and the weirdest thing I think the girl who was awaiting the blade of the knife and the one who took it, were different. This film is bad, but..it did have a few ok kills. And, it did not skimp on the blood. I mean, how many When a Stranger calls films do we need in one lifetime? This was better than the remake for sure. And there is a scene where main character Trisha is fighting off an attack and you can clearly see she has a mic wire on her. That would have sucked for him to cut that. Then during a scene in the basement between two characters before they go to make out, if you look to your right..you can see a microphone kind of moving. And the phone voice of this killer, sounded like the guy from the Geico commercial. No offense, if he called me I could not keep a straight face. And, lord do they build up the ending to be so strong and it fell so flat. They tried to change this around, by having more bloodshed than all Stranger films combined. Then little twists like the killer knowing the people who let Trisha watch their kid. This is my question, if they knew him all this time, then why did he wait so long to kill them, wouldn’t they have been dead years sooner. And lord, the cheap jump scares..that you can see a mile away.

In the end, this film is just another film. Nothing more or less. Just something to watch, and hopefully forget and move on and be better for the experience of having the patience to put up with this film. And the quality of this film on dvd is vhs worthy. Asylum strikes again.

3 out of 10