WestBrick Murders review

Plot-Matthew is a rookie cop. He witnesses serial killers Billy and Barbara kill his wife and now he is out to avenge his wife’s death but on the trail to get the killers, he is slowly becoming the very thing he is trying to kill.

Review-Eric Roberts has one of the top billings in this film. He comes in at the 45 minute mark as Matthew’s father who really has little to no meaning in this film, but leaves about 5 minutes later. This film tried so hard to be cool. A open question to anyone who reads this, do you go to a film like Pulp Fiction, Grindhouse, Sin City or anything else and think to yourself, how many times will they emulate certain elements of this film over and over? This film tries so many things and visually it is almost at times like a eye orgasm. They give you cartoon elements, they give you Sin City lighting, and they give you so many cool ideas, but it does not make the script or characters any more appealing. This film while beautiful to watch was such a bore. And the sad part, the last 15 minutes of this film were almost a saving grace. But, it was a little too late.

The character of Billy was so annoying, his accent and acting chops were awful. And there is this scene that seems to last forever, in the middle of nowhere a woman asks him for a light, and the scene is just so lame and boring..and they are trying to build off of it and it fails. The whole film is told through flashbacks when we know in the opening seconds he killed Billy and Barbara and Matthew is up for murder and to be electrocuted. When is killing a serial killer a offense? As the story leads on it tells how the police force lets him go..and he is on a one man spree to avenge his wife’s death. But, to watch the scene where they kill his wife, he was kind of a wuss. And did not even put up a fight. No offense, if someone was killing my wife and I could get free and save her, why not? But, I get it if he did we would not have a film. Again, this film is all over the place, style over substance. And it gets major points for style…it is a beautiful film at times, and god some of these ideas if they wrote a better script and maybe not spent all the budget money on Eric Roberts to bore me, it might have been a different story.

4 out of 10