UFC: Ultimate Royce Gracie [Blu-ray] review

Royce Gracie-He was the man who put mixed martial arts on the map in 1993, a pioneer of the Ultimate Fighting Championship who influenced more fighters than anyone in history. This blu ray brought back a lot of memories of what me and my brother were a fan of in 1993. While everyone else was either a punching, kicking and brutal machine. Royce always seemed calm. And he would wrap his opponents up like a spider in a web. If anyone says they are a diehard UFC fan, Royce should be in their top ten fighters ever in the UFC. This blu ray collection has all his best in six plus hours of content. What was his record 14-3-3, and he faced Kimo, Shamrock in his prime and almost anyone else who claimed they were a bad ass. And he did it calm, and smart. He let opponents get themselves gassed, and then went for the kill. It was almost unfair. It also comes with a book, that is cool and also so much behind the scenes footage. Where is that Patrick Smith blu ray set? haha. All jokes aside, UFC fans this is a must have. With father’s day coming up this would make a great stocking stuffer. The negative, watching this compared to the water downed world of today’s UFC, I miss the old days. And to think if it was not for the Gracie’s, UFC would not exist. All in all, this was incredibly awesome. 10