The Violent Kind review




The Butcher Brothers have one of the weirdest resumes of any up and coming
directors I can think of in recent history. I first discovered them thru After
Dark and their film The Hamiltons. ( which rumored there will be a sequel on
next year’s after dark roster) The Hamiltons was ok. Then came word they directed the
remake of April Fool’s Day. Which was universally hated. Now, comes something
totally different then the other two films I have seen by them, this is called
The Violent Kind.




The story revolves around 3 guys Cody, Q and Elroy. They are ex cons, violent and part of a gang called
The Crew. Well, they take a trip to a farmhouse in the woods in Northern
California for Cody’s mom birthday. A lot of memories come back to Cody, as he
sees his ex there Michelle. She is there with her current boyfriend. Well,
things get weird when Michelle leaves and so does everyone except for our three
main characters, Michelle’s sister Megan and Q’s fling. Well, when Michelle
comes back she is not who she appears to be, something has taken her over and
she has become almost like a possessed monster. What made her like this? Soon,
our people have more troubles on their hands, when ” The Violent Kind: comes for
what Michelle is possessing inside her.




This film seemed like a lot of parts, and no whole. The first 15 minutes
violent gang biker film, the next 20 minutes a touching drama love story, and
the next 30 some evil dead/exorcist hybrid bloodfest, the final 25 minutes
plus, some sci fi 50’s throwback. There are elements of this film I really
liked, and some I really did not. Tiffany Shepis playing Michelle was a plus. The scenes where she is
possessed, were really well done and excitingly bloody. The Violent Kind
entering the film around the hour mark, killed the film for me. Which is sad,
cause this film had great characters, good gore and some awesome blood. And the
saran wrap scene would have been so much more effective, if Wound did not do it
a 100 times better.  The trailer to this film, looks so  promising. It almost
looks like you got serial killers vs psycho bikers. But, what you get is a really good hour, and
a very bad last 29 minutes. And that end shot was so poorly done. This film
tried to outsmart itself. It is like a bunch of ideas that were thrown against a
wall, and trying to see which ones stick. We have to have this, ok..we have to also have this and this and
this. I am shocked no one in production stepped in and said, ” you are killing
this film with this nonsense, we need this to be more realistic”. You do get
Tiffany Shepis being herself, which is never a bad thing. So the film does have some
selling points.




6.75 out of 10