The Passing review


Coming to dvd on June 7th..this is a early review

Before, this review is read..I want to clear up something. Pearry Teo ( Necromentia) was credited in this film, which I mention but he has since told me..he had absolutely nothing at all to do it with this film besides telling the director about a few scenes and giving his input which clearly watching this shit film they did not use.

Plot-This is about 3 siblings, who when there grandmother die, find out they
will inherit all her possessions. But, since when she was alive she felt
neglected cause they never visited her, all they have to do is stay at the house
for 2 days and they get it all. Of course, they invite their friends. And things
just start getting weird, there are some experiences that cannot be explained
and some images that may or may not be real. Will they make it thru this 48

Review-This film is a mess. The first ten minutes we see 2 people running for
their lives and they stop and open a chest. The chest kills one, and the other
dies from some spirit. ( The Grudge or almost any J horror film spirit) Then in the next scene, is a will reading.
We meet grand daughter Elizabeth who as beautiful as she is seems so off.  After
the will reading. we cut to the weekend and the stay at the house  between her
and her two brothers who will lose it all if they leave before the 2 days..then
in the next scene.. we go to a police scene where Elizabeth is telling cops what
happened. One of the cops is the late Paul Gleason. Who really was good. So far,
I am so confused as to what is going on, but I am giving it a chance. Then, we
go back to the weekend, and all of a sudden strange things start happening, like
a mutant kid and bizarre deaths. Things coming out of mirrors, water, and
invisible forces trying to drown people.  This film just kept on getting more
and more confusing. The deaths were well done, and the acting was ok for a indie
film like this. But, the direction and script were so all over the place. They
never explained the beginning. It was like let us just kill people and with no
reason or purpose just to have a kill ratio or try to build an attention span
for what is next. Then, the almost eye scenes, where the screen almost looks
like a eye and has the evil dead movements and feel.

The interesting part was not what was on the film, but what was after it. Co
directed by Pearry Teo. The last ten minutes I was thinking, how can this
possibly end up. And the ending was just as fucked as the film. It had great
gore for a few scenes, but if you are a horror fan and seen the bulk of what
Japan has put out in the Grudge boom then you seen most of these kills done
before. I did like the toilet scene a little. But, a little does not make this
mess watchable.

2 out of 10