The Image review


coming to blu ray and dvd on June 14th..this is a early review…






Bonus Features include:


New (1.85:1) High Definition Transfer


Newly Remixed 5.1 Surround Soundtrack


Original 2.0 Mono Soundtrack


Isolated Music and Effects Track


Director Filmography


Liner Notes


English Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.




Newly remastered in high definition and created directly from
the original 35mm camera negative, this version of THE IMAGE is presented
uncut and uncensored with a newly remixed 5.1 surround


Plot- this film is a study of the sadomasochistic relationship between a man,
a young girl, and an older woman. Jean, meets his old friend Claire at a party
and is introduced to the young, seductive Anne. Jean discovers the two women
have a master/slave relationship and gets seduced into their perverse se


Review-Synapse Films are such a weird studio to really label. One thing is
for sure, their library is diverse. But, when they put anything out they always
treat it like a masterpiece and spare no expense on the transfer and special
features. It shocks me watching this, this was done in 1975, it almost has the
feel of a grindhouse porno with a 70’s feel. And make no mistake, this film is porn. Rebecca
Brooke plays Anne, and Rebecca shows her stuff in almost every scene it seems
like. Which I would say to any male who watches this film, she is absolutely
stunning and boy does she show off her talents in a few scenes as well..hint hint. Let’s be serious, if you
are sick of the new porn these days where all the women act the same, have
shaved off pubes and half of them can be bought at any plastic surgeon, you
should watch this. It is not so much a fuck flick as it is a pretty intense
s and m film. The acting was ok, but let me be serious, I knew all
about this film going into it and the acting could have been bad, as long as the
torture scenes and sex scenes worked, it would still be a hit. Plus, Rebecca
Brooke should have been a Bond girl…not today, but back then. Guys, if you
want to spruce up your love life, let your women watch this with you. She will
then know that instead of romantic sex you just want to beat her and make her
crawl like a dog, or help her masturbate over dinner with items on the plate.
All jokes aside, this film should serve as a notice to shit porn companies like
Vivid and Evil Angel among others, that instead of investing millions on names,
that maybe if you just gave fans just something like this, maybe you could sell
more dvds. I could play this film at a funeral and the corpse would get turned




7.5 out of 10


Rebecca Brooke circa 1975 10 out of 10