The Frankenstein Syndrome review


Coming to Dvd on July 5th 2011

Based on the famous novel by Mary Shelley and directed by Sean Tretta  this is a tale of David (Scott Anthony
Leet) . David tried to blackmail his
fellow researchers on their illegal research, and was shot and killed when him
and his attorney( played by someone I know fairly well on the Cinema Head Cheese
website  Mr David Hayes) try to make a deal for millions. Then David is
reanimated back to life thanks to this serum. This film is told to us in a
series of flashbacks when fellow researcher Elizabeth Barnes ( the awesome
Tiffany Shepis)is being investigated for what happened in the lab.
The start of the film is vague you know something has happened to her and now
she is wearing a doll mask to hide what happened to her. But do not worry, as
the story that she shares  unfolds during the investigation we learn what
happened. This film almost starts at a snail pace, with Elizabeth sharing her
story why she is part of the research team, and this prometheus project of stem
research and reanimated dead cells. Around the 20 minute mark is when the film
really takes off, they find a woman dead and decide to see if they can bring her
to life. When this fails, they try again and this time it is their frankenstein
David. Victoria (Patti Tindall) the other female researcher takes a mother role,
almost like Dr Frankenstein, teaching him to read and walk. And soon, David can
read minds, use his mind to open doors and then gets angry and very violent. Can
anyone stop the creation?




This film in ways reminded me of the Rage. This film you get your gore and
blood, but you also get a decent story and some great characters. The first
twenty minutes dragged, and I almost lost hope for this film..but after the 20 minute mark, this film took off.
And I know when I rewatch it again and knowing how it goes, the first twenty
minutes I wont be so impatient for things to happen. This was a fun watch, I
would recommend buying it, it does have watchablity. I will go on a limb on this
one, this is one of the better Tiffany Shepis roles in quite a long, long while.




7.75 out of 10