The dorm that dripped blood review

This film was originally released in 1982. This is true original uncut release of Death Dorm, P. R. A. N. K. S or whatever, you choose to call this film. This is the copy you have been waiting for.

On the eve of Christmas vacation, a college dormitory named University Co op ( ok, I know it is a kinda cheesy name) stands condemned.
While our group of college kids are trying to do some work on the end of this building, someone is lurking the hallways and campus trying to kill them one by one. Starring a very young Daphne Zuniga, this film was a lot of fun. The pacing of this film is such a bad flaw. This film dragged a few times. And when i say dragged, oh it dragged at a snail’s pace and going nowhere fast. And when the ending happens and the reveal happens, it is so cheesy. But, this film was fun. Despite the issues I listed, this film was not the worst and it was not the best. It has some good kills and decent blood, you can tell this came out when Friday the 13th and Halloween were the talk of the town. This film owes so much to both of those films. What about the cops at the end of this film, how dumb can some people be? If only life were that easy.

Let us look at the bonus on this combo dvd and blu ray…
Anamorphic Widescreen (1.66:1) Transfer of the “Directors’ Cut”
Audio Commentary Featuring Directors Jeffrey Obrow and Stephen Carpenter
Interviews with Composer Christopher Young and Make-Up FX Creator Matthew Mungle
Isolated Music Score
Original Theatrical Trailers
Reversible Cover with Alternate Artwork

Lets talk about those kills, you get a kick ass drill scene that all of us fans know about. And the girl going into the vat. Those two scenes looked so fresh and the quality of the blu ray made those scenes look so much more crisper and the sound quality was awesome. I am glad I finally got to see the directors cut to this film. And Synapse films hits another home run.

7.5 out of 10