The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader review

Plot-This is the 3rd trip to the land of Narnia. From 2005 till now, we have watched Lucy go from a
cute kid to a young woman and her brother Edmund now a older teenager. With
their cousin Eustace, they once again meet up with Prince Casbian for a adventure across the sea aboard the royal
ship The Dawn Treader. Along the way they encounter dragons, dwarves,
merfolk, and a band of lost
warriors before reaching the edge of the world.




Review-I think Fox gets a bad rap on films like this. When people think fairy
tales, they always give Disney and Warner Brothers so much mention, but unless
it is the Star Wars franchise, they forget Fox has had some great films as well.
I thought the first Narnia was so so. The Prince Casbian second one, I was a big fan of. This one, I am on
the fence about. It is beautifully shot. The main characters seemed to be lost
at times. But like the Fog vanishing people and the sea adventure I was a fan
of. The cousin his accent and griping got on my last nerve he was so annoying
and really did not fit in. And the beginning with the picture and them getting
drowned into it sort of, was really cool. I think this film for kids under 8,
would be hard to explain. They would love it, but there is a few scenes that you
would have to explain to them. As a whole, I do not even think the 3D would have helped this film. It just seemed like
a lost opportunity. Though, for kids this would be a great 2 hour babysitter. I
liked it a little better than the original, but as a could have been better but then again, it
could have been worst.




6 out of 10