The Awakening review

Plot- a bunch of people are lured out of the city and out into the wilderness in search of a rave. Instead, they encounter a demon capable of possessing humans. As the demon passes through the group, each becomes both killer and victim. Will they be able to stop this or will they all be dead?

Review-I want to share a email before the review…ahem…” Your job is easy, you just watch a film and then give your take on it”…This may be true, but what if you know in the first minutes how bad a film will be and it has a 90 minute running time or lord forbid longer? I mean I cannot stop a film after three minutes and post a review, so I have to tough it up and hope that something can make it better for me. I am no actor or director, so my criticisms are from a fan, or dare I say..critic. I know as a critic I get a lot of respect and also I am viewed in the same breath as someone who has a lot of patience and give breaks to films that do try. That being said, this film is a waste of time. The characters are so lame, it starts off in a bar, and Roy gets a drink from a mysterious woman who gives him this ticket to a rave, I forgot the fun part he chases her for a half a block. This film tried so hard to be funny and horror. And it failed on both. Around the 10 minute mark these strange kids come into town who look like they shop at Hot Topic and play a shitload of D and D, and maybe can recite the Matrix in its entirety and they are supposed to scare us. To hear them cuss in the store scene where they are supposed to be threatening was laughable. They look like extra’s for a Happy Madison production. Hey, we need one heavy kid in leather and look like a special needs darth vader with a weird goatee..that is you. And we need some hot topic MCR fans.

This is one of those ideas that looked so much better on paper and to put it on the screen, with the budget could not happen. It is sad, I love possession films and really wanted to love this film..

2 out of 10