Stripperland review

Coming to dvd May 17th, this is a early review.


Stripperland is Sean Skelding’s follow up to the awful I am Virgin. If you seen Zombieland the premise for this is almost the same. The story is told by Idaho. Who is supposed to be like the Jesse Eisenberg character in Zombieland. A virus has broke out and effected all the strippers and turned them into zombies. Idaho goes over all the rules. During a fight, he gets saved by a character known as Frisco. Together they drive and try to escape. Then, they meet 2 females who are not infected,who later are known as West and Virginia. Get it..A lot of cameos like Linnea Quigley as Grambo..or Gilf..Lloyd Kaufman as Idaho’s father in flashbacks, and Daniel Baldwin as Double D ( More on that soon)Boyd Banks ( Dawn of the Dead) as a pimp…and etc..and also noted Ms. Cheezy Flicks herself Jennifer Loomis is a zombie and also has some credits in this film as well.


Lets start with the positives. Daniel Baldwin and Boyd Banks both going against character and it was awesome. Daniel Baldwin as a rapper, and trying to talk gangster and dancing. That is worth the price of this film alone. And Boyd owned the mall scene which was obviously a homage to the original Dawn of the Dead. This film had some fun gore and blood. And it tried to out zombieland with its musical homage at the beginning of the film. And it worked. This film had so much going for it, but it also had some things that failed to me. Idaho was irritating at times and not in a fun way, it was obvious he was trying to be a fun character he just came across as irritating and his long rants got so boring at times. The Frisco character had zero charisma, and when he was on screen it was just like watching paint dry. You waited for him to just do something that would make his character a little exciting and fun. The Zombies dancing was very funny. I mean this film had so much going for it, I just wish the Frisco charcter had some excitement to him and could be more fun. Though, I do recommend everyone who is a fan of Zombieland or Dawn of the Dead to check out this spoof..You will laugh and have a decent time. And I wish the Linnea Quigley cameo was a secret and not revealed months ahead of time. She could have had the same impact on us as a Bill Murray. God, the zombies were so cute and wore stripper heels and clothes and you can tell they had fun with the parts. And the two women leads were not given too many scenes to shine. And West had a scene at a gas station that was cool. All in all, this is a guy film. Grab some friends, and beers nachos whatever and pop this in and sit back. Good stuff…


7.5 out of 10 ( also there is a companion piece called The Walking Dead Girls that you need to see as well that is sort of a set up to seeing this)

  • Well it is your loss. As long as fans have closed minded attitudes like this, hollywood will keep giving you all the good shit that you will bitch about and wish there were more options to choose from.

  • Looks too low budget to be good.