Stripperland cd review

1.Club Life – Daniel

2. Stripperland – Western Aerial

3.Smell of
Money – Sheena G

4. Weirdo Remix
– Smoochknob

5.How Did We
End Up Like This – Christian Burghardt

6. Get Your
Pants Off – Wayne Gacy Trio

7.Season of
Nightmares – Toxic Zombie

8. I F!@# With Strippers – Nathan Burke

9.Like Space –
Craig Campbell/Cellar Door/Ian Hanley/Doug Elia/Ben Carmine

10. This Is My
Tecno – Blue Ember

11.Tattoo – 13
Cent Bob

12. Chill –
Rogue Shot

– Jason Flynn/Dj Kenoy

14. Never Again
– Christian Burghardt

15.Apple – Sickamore

16. Critiical
Nature – The Dragonflies

17.Farewell –
(featuring Ian Ferguson/Marcus Glaze/Kyle Woody/Aaron De Rosso)

This cd is like the movie, it is a mixed bag. Some songs are fun and
work really well and some not so much. Let me start with the songs that I really
dug a lot. Blue Ember for some fucked up reason, I got into this song. It sounds
like some of the Fall out boy crap that plagues my cd player when I have my nieces around. But, this song has such
a catchy hook. I must be getting soft in my older years. Club life, Daniel
Baldwin rapping. Remember when he was on some celebrity rehab and now he is
singing about drugs and acting like he is a rapping thug. I think it is always
fun when people try new things outside of the norm, can anyone of us picture a
Baldwin brother rapping? This is just funny and I had a good time with it. Zombiekillerz sounded like a acid trip
Mr Ozio and I really loved the beats of this song. It was like a
Meat Beat Manifesto meets DJ Shadow. The standout track and it had no lyrics. Kenny Mack
I fuck with strippers was fun, it was like something out of Nas library. The mixing of techno, alternative and rap. It
worked. Chill by Rogue Shot sounded like a indie local metal band. I like this
song. The lyrics were 5th grade, but the sound was really cool. Sheena G’s Smell
of Money was fun. She sounded like old school Rhianna. I liked Weirdo, it
sounded like some old school Bowling for Soup. The rest of the cd to me was ok to a point, but those were the
favorites of mine. As a whole the cd is a party cd, it is fun. If you see the film and like it, then you should
have this cd.

7 out of
  • Reedwaan

    hey where can i download this album??