Resurrection Mary review

I got a email from the gentleman who sent me this screener to review that he sent me the wrong picture and plot for the I got the right one and re reviewed it sorry to anyone who was misled.

Plot- this is a film about a guy who meets a girl who he knows is not real, when him and his fiancee have a car crash, the young man seeks out this girl whose name is Mary, cause she is the key as to why his fiancee is in a coma.

Review-I could not wait for this film to be over fast enough….This was like a lifetime horror film. There are 2 kills…and about 6 cusswords, and the jump scares are your typical, she is she is not..he turns around she is there. This is what he wished for, he wanted out of all his problems and get rid of his fiancee, why be so stressed out and need to stop it when it happens? I hate films that build one story, and then give you another. This film in the first 15 minutes delivered quite a cool car crash. Shawn was thrown out a car, and his fiancee was strapped upside down in her seatbelt..he got out ok, and she was in a brain dead coma? This premise makes no sense. And then, we find out thru a story between him and the guy who knows all about Mary, that she is sent from satan to do his bidding and what satan wants..this film was so long, overdrawn and ultimately served no purpose, besides the fact wasting time. This film had no flow. It tried to be horror, then when it tried to be thriller, then lord forbid a smart film. The last 10 minutes were so laugh out loud horrible. And, oh lord we have to end a film this shit with a twist..wink wink..and a 10 minute ending credits. Whcih given the film I watched, the credits could fill a matchbox.

In the end, this film was just the equivalent of a bad buffet. This film should cut out its 4 to 6 cuss words and the scene where she bangs his head in a elevator for 7 seconds and be a lifetime film of the week. This film from the trailer, I had such high hopes. God, this could be in my top 10 worst list.

1.5 out of 10