Ratline review



Ratline is from Wicked Pixel Cinema. VOD date is July 4th and dvd release date is September 20th.

Plot-In the first shot of the film, we witness Crystal Brewer ( played by
Emily Haack) shoot and kill someone. We
know in that instance her life is forever changed. Along with her half sister
Kim ( Alex Del Monacco) they escape and are on the run. Their journey
takes them to a small town to stay with someone they met online named Penny (
played by Sarah Swofford). While Crystal is hiding out with fear of who
is coming to get them, we are introduced to a mysterious person named Frank
Logan ( played by Jason Christ) with his own past. Who is this character and why do all of them seemed so destined to meet.


Review-This is Eric’s best film to date. You talk about a gamble that should
have failed. This film is deep, and at times very dialogue heavy. Trust me, Eric
trusts his audience will be patient. And that is what really worked for me. It
is like Eric was ahead of the fans and critics on this one, he created so many
subplots, that you thought the film would go in this or that direction. I will
say as a Wicked Pixel fan, the first 30 minutes are unreal. Esp. the satanic
ritual gone wrong. Unreal. This did not feel like a indie film to me. The blood
and the gore looked amazing. To me, Jason Christ and Emily Haack have tons of talent. But, if this film had to have a
MVP of someone who really should breakout in 2011 it would be Sarah Swofford. Sarah, gives the role of a lifetime
and really carries a lot of this film just on the most simplest of things..her innocence. The scenes with her
and Emily were such a credit to Stanze and also Haack, for making it all seemed
so innocent and not try to over do them. I mean do not get me wrong, Stanze
still delivers and boy does he. And Emily, shows us why she should be in major
roles for major films. But, Eric also knew when to just keep it simple and also
used a smear of comedy elements that really worked well. This film is hardcore,
this film runs 1 hour and 43 minutes and it is quite the roller coaster ride.
This is Eric’s comeback after a few years off. Here is a movie box quote for you
Wicked Pixel-ites..this film is a bloodsoaked fuck you to hollywood…2011 just got more
extreme. Expect this film to make quite a few top ten films of 2011 lists. And
the balls of Stanze to do this on VOD, on the 4th of July. This is why I am a fan.

10 out of 10