Prey review


Coming from IFC Midnight on May 31st..this is the advance

Plot-When deer with mysterious injuries stumble onto their
property, a family heads into the woods to track down the animals’ attacker. But
despite the fact that they’re carrying guns, they soon discover they’re
the ones being hunted

Review-This film is a double edged sword. It runs
a little under 77 minutes and it takes so long to get going. So why is it a
double edged sword, let me tell you..a film with this time length can either do
two things, it can be faulted for not giving us a back-story and background on
all the people and the situation, or it can be faulted with going on too long
with the back-story. This film is in french with american subtitles, but this
can be a bother, when two or three people are talking at once and you have no
idea who is saying what to who. You just read and assume. But, around the 40
minute mark this film picked up. It had the Jaws feel as you know something like
a boar is attacking them. It also has a Decent feel to it too as they hide in a
few scenes from the animals who are possessed by some fertilizer that made them
monsters that was unleashed in their water. The film finishes very good. There
is a scene involving one of the characters named Nathan and a cell phone that is
going off, that was really fun. The guys in the log cabin fighting off the
attack felt like Jaws when they were on the boat and the shark was coming after
them. It was very well shot and delivered a few good jumps.

Would I buy
it…um…I would  rent it or watch it on Netflix. But, it was way better than
the last Predators movie.

7 out of 10