Ninjas vs Vampires review

Ninja vs Vampires is the next film from the team that gave us Ninja vs Zombies. Those darn ninjas really have no fear. This is the story of a hopeless romantic who as he was getting rejected from the girl he loves, as you would guess, out of nowhere here comes these vampires to really throw a wrench into that already fun moment. They are being attacked and out of nowhere, here comes those ninjas. Aaron’s love, was attacked so bad she lost her memory. ( Fans and even people who are not fans, how many of us would take advantage of this moment seriously) You tell her something or even hold a conversation with her and she cannot remember anything.( again, fans how many of us would not be all over this situation like a shark to blood) So, now Aaron is going to join the ninjas to stop Seth and the Vampires.

If you were a fan of films like Deadlands and Ninja vs Zombies, this film will be right up that alley. You will have a blast. Now, if you are not a fan of those films or never seen them before, this film may be a little hard to get into at first. I love the fight scenes, they were cheesy fun. My problem was in the script. They should have played it more tongue and cheek then they did, and had fun with it. This film tries so hard to be serious. And, it is not a serious film. Now, unlike a lot of critics, I am no star or director. With the budget they had, I could not do half of what they did. So I wont be a hater, just to be a hater. The film had heart and you can see the passion from all involved. It just needed some tweaks here and there.

As a whole, I have watched a lot of worst films that had major budgets, so this little film gets credit for being what it was on the budget it had. I think there is a fan base for this film. And a lot of people will email me hate and tell me this is a  5 star classic. Maybe it is to them, but I am sorry I tried. But, I will give it a 6.5 out of 10