Music Review-Mahavatar’s 5 song ep.

In 2006, I bought this rock magazine that had a free dvd in it of bands on Escapi records. The first video was by a band
called Mahavatar called Cult. I was
into it. But, three videos later was the video that would rock my world. I Ache
by Masterlast. Which was Lizza Hason Demauro’s side band. I was a fan of Lizza, who I would later find out was the lead vox in Mahavatar as well. When I got my first blog start, she
was the first person that I sought after to interview. And thru that fun
interview we become mailing buddies, and the long overdue Rise from Betrayal is
still being worked on in the studio but she sent me a 5 song taste of what is to
come. And I will say it is incredible. A lot of you fans know Mahavatar has a new video on youtube for Resist. Sad to say that song which
is my favorite is not on here, but what is coming up was really

1.A Prayer for the Insane

This is my fave song on this ep. The lyrics and anger, with the guitar riffs. This song is a
sign that Mahavatar has reached the next level in their


This is almost what Black Sabbath
in the early part of their career would have sounded like if Lizza fronted them. This song was a surprise, it
was really different then what I was expecting and I am a fan of this new found
dirge sound.

3. Light Comes out the Dark

This song is the
mandatory third slower song. You notice most bands do this. Two really heavy or
really killer tracks, then the slow third song. Dare I say almost a Mahavatar ballad. Which if people know Lizza and her solo cd, she is not above slowing things down and still coming
across heavy. This song was ok …though the spoken word part of this song was
really cool.

4.Broken Wing

This is unplugged Mahavatar. And Lizza’s voice really shines above the guitar and back up
vocals. This is such a departure for the band, even though Lizza’s solo stuff is in this vein. Good to see her
diversify the band.

5.Rise from Betrayal

The title track from the
upcoming cd. And, boy does this song kick ass. This song will have the
mosh pit going. This song sums up the
ep the best. It is a heavy kick in the
ass, with Lizza going over the top with her vocals and personality.
She shines so much in this song. And the little breaks in the song are really
cool. If the rest of the cd is anything like this ep. We are about to see the new face of metal.

As a
whole the ep is pretty cool. I am looking forward to hearing the finished
product, but given that Insane, Epicore and Rise are all on repeat on my ipod…I am
stoked for what is next…