Movie Review – WWE: The Rise And Fall of WCW (2009)

WWE: The Rise And Fall of WCWDirector: Kevin Dunn
Stars: David Abbott, C.G. Afi and Terry Allen

I have always had a soft spot for wrestling ever since my childhood. Many a Saturday morning was enjoyed while watching WWE (WWF back then). There really was nothing like it back then. I was always a huge fan of “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka and Andre the Giant. In the 90s, I feel in love with wrestling once again thanks to wrestlers like The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Goldberg. The Monday night wars made for a great night of television for me. WWE: The Rise And Fall of WCW details a lot of how WCW came about and what lead to its downfall.

I am a sucker for wrestling videos because they take me back to a time when wrestling was just awesome – plain and simple. I get giddy watching wrestlers of yesteryear reminding me how much I used to love wrestling. This video was no different. One of the individual shots that made my night was Big John Studd bearhugging his opponent. The shot lasted for about 3 seconds, but brought a huge grin to my face.

Watching WWE: The Rise And Fall of WCW was a shot of history for better or worse. It showed the highlights of what made WCW great and the lowest moments in WCW. Seeing the rise of the N.W.O. made me feel like it was just yesterday. Watching Goldberg come into his own again was something else. As sloppy as he was, there are not many wrestlers that could match his intensity.

The downside was having to see the Vince Russo era and David Arquette being the world heavyweight championship. I cannot believe they could not see the end coming. I know that I stopped watching with the silliness that was going on at that time and now I see why.

To this day, I still keep up with wrestling, but only so much because my son is a big fan of it. I record them on the DVR and pretty much watching them in fast forward mode. It takes me about 20 minutes to watch a 2-hour show. That is hardly even watching it. They are barely any wrestlers to root for these days. I appreciate CM Punk and a few others, but I have never been a Cena or Orton guy. As a side note, losing Edge was a huge blow to the WWE.

Regardless of what wrestling has become, it once was a really good watch and this DVD is a good history lesson for those who did not know about WCW and even better for those that did.

  • You know Wal Mart had a wrestling three pack not to long ago for like 20.00 and this was one of the dvds. Vince Russo is still a booker sad..he is the behind the scenes person for TNA. And you can tell. Referee Bumps weekly, and storylines that lose steam and go into so many directions that they have to constantly swerve you. Vince Russo is an example of someone who reads the internet too much and tries to outsmart them. WCW for me, I was a fan somewhat…my thing was always ECW in the old days and WWE. WCW had me with the Crow Sting angle that lasted for almost 2 years till the awful Starcade match that made no sense. They botched the pinfall, you watched Sting get pinned clean. WCW had some ok moments, but lord the last days with Russo was bad..who can forget the Millionaires Club vs New Blood oh god..and those live bands. Kiss were so awful, Megadeth was horrible. They did not fit in. Then Riki Rachman co hosting the spring bash…remember that night when on national tv he did not know they were taping and he made fun of some fat chick and had her crying. And kept calling her a cow and fat ass. I did like the NWO in the first few weeks..when Hogan joined I wanted to just be WWE only..he killed the whole appeal…