Movie Review – Thor (2011)

Movie Review - Thor (2011)The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders.

Director: Kenneth Branagh
Writers: Ashley Miller (screenplay), Zack Stentz (screenplay), et al
Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman

Based on Marvel comic book’s character by the same name, Thor, directed by Kenneth Branagh, is an epic adventure spanning from present day Earth to the mystical realm of Asgard.

Thor is quite a unique character with a huge backstory, one of which could have made this movie or been its downfall. In this instance, Thor’s backstory is handled very well and is a strength of the film.

Another plus of the film is Chris Hemsworth, who plays the iconic hero Thor. Hemsworth was a perfect choice for Thor. He delivers his lines with ease and comes off as believable as possible. With costars such as Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman, you know that there is plenty of great acting being done in this film.

The action sequences are top notch and most are even sans Thor as a hero as the majority of the film deals with the backstory to the character.

All in all, the movie stays true to comic book fans, but will also be a nice release for people unfamiliar with the comic book. It looks like a win for all types of fans in my opinion. I sure had a hell of a good time with it.

Make sure that you stick with it through the credits to view an Easter egg.

Thor - Anthony Hopkins and Chris Hemsworth

  • The thing with the Fast franchise is that it makes money. As long as that happens, they will continue doing them. That seems to be the way it is. Money wins again. I heard this Fast made more than the last one, which is surprising. The action scenes were good, which is what you are really there to see. The acting was bad. But back to Thor. It definitely was more epic than Fast. Hopefully this and Captain A. will build momentum for the hopefully epic Avengers movie.

  • I guess that FastFive raking it in was to be expected, but Thor just bleeds epic while FastFive is a movie that will be repackaged under a different title 5 different times. Everyone wants cookie cutter everything these days, even films. It is pretty sad that everyone wants to see a cookie cutter film actually.

  • Good review. I liked the movie. As you said, the backstory was interesting especially for me because I’m not too familiar with the Thor character. You can’t go wrong with Hopkins, and Portman. Chris did a good job as well. My only complaint is that there was too much time in between some of the action scenes. I felt the same way in Ironman. It is probably just my attention span, but I come to see the action not all the talking. What do you think about FastFive making over $80 mill, and Thor only making $66 mill?