Movie Review – Kiss the Girls Goodbye (1997)

Kiss the Girls Goodbye (1997)Overbearing mom causes Carl’s sociopathic behavior.

Director: Lee Karaim
Writer: Lee Karaim
Stars: Frankie Ray, Stephanie Shaub and Ann O’Leary

Kiss the Girls Goodbye is a lesser known B movie that I had not even heard of until recently. I was looking for some films on Netflix that I have not seen. I have almost cleaned out their horror section sadly, so I am just finding movies that have been rated decently and taking them for a test drive. That is how I ran into Lee Karaim’s film. It is actually the only film that Lee Karaim has ever directed.

Starring Frankie Ray, who has gotten by in Hollywood by playing bit roles in films and small parts on episodic television shows, stars as Carl Ray Hicks, a piano instructor / psychotic maniac. Kiss the Girls Goodbye basically tells the story of Dawn from their initial meeting to their final embrace. Dawn was definitely at the wrong place at the wrong time and regretted it very much so.

What I did like about this film is that it was kind of smart for what it was. In some instances, it tried to be smarter than it really was, but for the most part, it was content to be what it was. Carl was a character that was truly screwed up due to his mother’s overbearing behavior. Carl redirected her behavior towards other women in the way that he wished his father had with his mother.

Dawn was another intriguing character. Played by Stephanie Shaub, the role was almost convincing to the point where the acting was good for a B movie, but left much to be desired. Outside of those two characters, we had a bunch of throwaway characters and a little too much going on with cheating friends and too many subplots.

At 60 minutes into the film, we are left at a point where the movie may have been better off left alone. It was actually at a good ending point, but the film continued on. I was skeptical about the continuance at first, but the direction that it went into from that point took the film to another level as we are re-introduced to a brand new Dawn having major problems after being held in captivity with Carl. She was left with many mental problems and a heroine addiction. We are then re-introduced to Carl once again. At that point, I liked the turn that it took.

Overall, if you can stomach B movies, I think that you will enjoy this one. But, if not, stay clear. Some of the acting is bad and much of the dialogue is even worse.