Movie Review – Evil Weed (2009)

Evil Weed (2009)Emily and her sister Danielle play host to friends at their parents’ country house in the Hamptons. But when a bag of unicorn weed livens up the party, some of the group begin to suffer from a weird reaction.

Director: David Wexler
Writer: David Wexler
Stars: Brianna Barnes, Genevieve Hudson-Price and Cynthia LaForte

Sometimes you just wish that you could get back 90 minutes of your life. Evil Weed was a prime example of wasted time. I figured that a movie about marijuana would have some funny parts at the very least, but that ended up being way to loftyof an expectation. It is films like this that give horror movies a bad name. While not the worst movie ever made, it was bad, and by bad, I just mean bad, not so bad that it was good.

When you have a group of very good looking teens in the middle of nowhere smoking some wacky tabaccy and having a good time, you would expect some moments of silly humor and a bunch of nudity. Now, I am not one of those people who lives to see nudity in horror films, but it never hurts to whip out some good looking breasts every once in a while.

So, for gorehounds, look elsewhere. For hot girls, there are a bunch in here, but no nudity (sorry to harp on that). For humorous moments, again look elsewhere. There is really nothing here for anyone, so you would be better suited to find another film that at least has decent production values. Viewer be warned.

  • All I can say is this is an incredible embarrassment to cinema.