Monsters 2 is headed into production with bigger budget and new directors

Monsters DVDI was a fan of Monsters for the most part just because of what it was. It was like the little engine that could. It was an indie creature feature with a small budget, but big production values. The estimated budget of the original film varies depending on the source that you use – less than $50,000 by some sources and as much as $500,000 by other sources.

Monsters 2 is now heading into production with a much bigger budget (all things being relative). They are looking at a budget in the range of $5M for Monsters 2. Not sure how that will work out though because part of the charm of the original was the mystery. With a bigger budget, I am sure that we will see much more of the monsters themselves. Sometimes, less is more.

Having been hired to helm a new Godzilla movie, director Gareth Edwards is turning the reins over to relative newcomers Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas, while remaining on board as executive producer. Monsters 2 also appears to be moving on from the original’s main two characters, instead focusing on “a teacher living in a protected walled city who has to go into the infected zone to find his long-lost brother, a former military man who is now a Col. Kurtz-esque figure.” Monsters 2 is aiming for a late 2012 release.