Metal Review – Turbocharged – AntiXtian (2011)

Turbocharged - AntiXtian (2011)WORLDWIDE release date: June 10, 2011

Official CD version of full length debut of Swedish dirty rockers Turbocharged, over 40
min of amazing blend of thrash / groove and punk metal with total anti-christian theme.
Mastered at Leon Music Studios by Rikard Löfgren (VOMITORY, DEATHSTARS, ENFORCER).

Turbocharged’s full length debut, AntiXtian, is a hate-soaked, anti-Christian (if you could not tell by the title of the album), riff-on-top-of-riff thrash metal piece that hearkens back to classic thrash bands such as Venom, Sodom and a few others. While they do not capture the magic that these classic thrash metal bands did during that time, I can really get behind AntiXtian. With punk infused into their thrash metal sound, they capture a nice blended sound that will please many a palette.

Thin-skinned folks beware that the anti-Christian theme is carried over throughout many songs and is very prominent on AntiXtian. The title should be a dead giveaway on that one.

It is hard to believe that this band had two previous demos of which I had never heard. Turbocharged is brand spanking new to me and I am liking what I am hearing.

As far as individual songs go, the album starts off with the intro, The Uprising, which is a hate-infused speech beginning the album and giving you an idea of what you are in for. The proper opening title track, AntiXtian, begins innocently enough with a very Venom feel to it. It has a Black Metal-era feel to it. Before you know it, AntiXtian picks up speed and becomes a very fun thrash metal song with some nice tempo changes.

Ghetto of Eden hearkens back to some more old thrash metal gems and keeps the pace fast and hard and is another song that I really enjoy. Lionbait really hits hard with some great thrash riffs and a nice vocal melody. The riffs keep coming hard on this one. The one track that really infuses punk with thrash the best would be Golgotha 33 A.D. This may be my favorite track on the entire album actually. There are some great thrash riffs and a great vocal melody throughout the verses.

All in all, if you are looking for some classic thrash, you could do much worse than Turbocharged – AntiXtian. I found it to be a very fun release with much to offer. I cannot say that I will get too many listens out of it, but I know that I will get some more listens from it.

Turbocharged Band

Turbocharged Line-Up:
Ronnie Ripper – Bass/Lead Vox
Freddie Fister – Drums/Vox
Old Nick – Guitars/Vox

AntiXtian Track Listing:
01. The Uprising
02. AntiXtian
03. Gettho of Eden
04. Lionbait
05. Nekronobodies
06. Globalize the Blasphemy
07. The Paradise They Lost
08. Golgotha 33 A.D.
09. Species of Jesus
10. Wake up and Smell the Christian
11. Blasphemachine
12. Horns Forever Raised
13. The New Sodom


Turbocharged was formed back in March 2000 as a trio during a few drunken binges at the local
hangout. The idea took shape in a bar but soon moved to a cellar nearby to complete the
mayhem. Two months later the first demo was recorded but never released officially. As the
years went by the band added members, replaced members and kicked out members and from
the original trio the band had as much as five steady members at some points and eventually the
lineup ended up being a trio again holding the strongest wills ever to be called Turbocharged. In
2008 all plans on finding replacements for the lost members were abandoned and the recording
of the first officially released demo, “Branded Forever”, was a fact. Not much happened in the
camp for a while but the band for the first time had a focus and an edge they never had
experienced before. In 2009 the second demo, “Arrogantus Metallus”, saw the light of day at
basically the same time as Turbocharged was asked to play at a german festival, Thunders over
Miriquidi, in Elterlein near the Czech border. Things were starting to look up for the guys and
as the year came to an end they had been approached by brand new Polish label Hellrocker
Records about releasing the demo as a 12 inch vinyl but since Turbocharged has their own
studio the question was raised if it wasn’t time to record a full length album instead. Said and
done, “AntiXtian” was written and recorded in the spring of 2010, it was scheduled to be
released in August the same year but due to the mandatory delays and all it was finally released
on Lemmy’s birthday, December 24 in 2010. Chaos Records also approached the band a few
months before the release and offered to seal the deal of a CD-version of the forementioned
album and after some talks back and forth Chaos Records and Turbocharged joined forces …