Metal Review – Symfonia – In Paradisum (2011)

Symfonia - In Paradisum (2011)An all-star lineup of sorts has come together for a new power metal release entitles In Paradisum by the band Symfonia. Featuring ex-members of Stratovarius, Angra, Helloween and Sonata Artica, most of these members are household names in the power metal subgenre of metal.

This album is exactly what you would expect. It is power metal at its finest. While I am not a huge power metal fan, I can appreciate bands that stick to their guns and do what they do well. The musicianship for In Paradisum is obviously well done. While I am not a big fan of his style of vocals, Andre Matos has more than enough ability to carry the vocals for this release.

Songs like Rhapsody in Black are pure power metal songs, almost using a ballad-style to the song. The title track, In Paradisum, is a powerful song with a great ending to it. If I was more of a power metal fan, I would probably talk about this album to no end, but all in all, it is pretty solid and will be a nice release for pure power metal fans.


Timo Tolkki (ex Stratovarius) – Guitars
Andre Matos (ex Angra) – Vocals
Uli Kusch (ex Helloween) – Drums
Jari Kainulainen (ex Stratovarius) – Bass
Mikko Harkin (ex Sonata Artica) – Keyboards

As legends among the melodic metal community, none of these musicians need introduction. By sheer coincidence, they found themselves living on the same continent, in Scandinavia and decided to join forces and convey their talents in the form of a new melodic metal project entitled SYMFONIA. Honoring the heritage of their previous bands Stratovarius, Helloween, Angra and Sonata Arctica, SYMFONIA is a force no serious melodic metal fan will be able to ignore.

The all-star lineup is gearing up to release their debut full-length. Titled In Paradisum, the ten-track offering was recorded mainly in Finland, mixed and mastered in Italy and produced by Timo Tolkki. The record will be released in North America via Armoury Records on April 19, 2011. Though references to his musical past are obviously there, it would be a mistake to consider SYMFONIA a new version of Stratovarius. Every member of the band brings new color, texture and  personality to the music. Angra fans will surely consider this album one of the best episodes for the Brazilian singer since Angel’s Cry and Holy Land.