Metal Review – Stilllife – Requiem (2010)

Stilllife - Requiem (2010)Traverse City, Michigan-based power metal / progressive metal band Stilllife brings us their self-released debut release Requiem. Based on their bio, they are a mix of Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Symphony X and Fates Warning. Since I am a huge fan of Iron Maiden and (old) Queensryche, this was a must listen.

Sadly, this album is pretty much a trainwreck. Lyrically, the band is seriously lacking, but the major problem with this release is the absolutely horrible mixing of the album. The vocals are way to high in the mix and some song portions are barely audible. Many a solid album has been hindered by bad mixes, but this is not one of them. This album is just not solid by any stretch of the imagination. I wanted to like it -  I really did. Riffwise, there are flashes of a solid band wanting to break out, but the vocals are marginal at best and annoying at their worst moments.

U.S. prog/power metal act STILLLIFE is proud to announce the self-release of their debut album Requiem. As if standing defiant against a metal scene often dominated by the death and black metal genres, The Northern Michigan band have emerged as one of the state’s best melodic metal acts. Requiem features a unique mix of heavy, yet dynamic and harmony-driven progressive rock and melodic heavy metal that recalls everyone from IRON MAIDEN, SYMPHONY X, FATES WARNING, and early QUEENSRYCHE. STILLLIFE embrace their influences, yet strike out with technical proficiency and a flair for unique song structures that make Requiem a vibrant journey of epic songwriting that reveals something new and exciting with every spin. Written, recorded, and mixed by the band, the quartet’s debut boasts nine masterfully crafted compositions, including an instrumental and a trilogy that concludes Requiem with a conceptual tone.

Requiem Track Listing:

1. Intro to…
2. A Godless World
3. 12-Steps
4. Fruit of the Fallen Tree
5. Directive Four
6. Hypocriticism/The Becoming
7. Requiem Part I: The Oracle
8. Requiem Part II: The Vision
9. Requiem Part III: The Only Resolution