Metal Review – Sourvein – Black Fangs (2011)

Sourvein - Black Fangs (2011)Having released numerous EPs and splits since their last proper full length in 2002, North Carolina’s Sourvein have certainly kept active, but have not released a full-length in almost a decade… until now. Sourvein is back with their sludge-filled riffs and shattering vocals with Black Fangs.

Relying heavily on heavy bass lines and even heavier sludge metal and doom riffs, Sourvein Black Fangs is not a bad album at all, but the problem is that they are not setting themselves apart from many bands of their ilk. The album is very listenable, but it kind of passes by in a blur and leaves you saying, “hey, not half bad.” The problem is that you listen to the album again and again and nothing is really jumping out at you. There are no songs that leave a lasting impression on you. And with bands like Crowbar and EyeHateGod out there already doing the same thing, but better, Sourvein is not really bringing anything new to the table.

Overall, the album is decent, but I doubt that I will get any extended listens to it after the first few days of checking it out. Once I remove it from my “New” genre on my iTunes, I may never listen to it again. In my opinion, it makes nice background music while you are working, but it is just not delivering anything that has not been done before, let alone been done better before.

The anticipated fourth album from North Carolina-based Sourvein is every bit what fans had hoped for. Low-ended, feedback-drenched, plodding pace, and destined to be a critic favorite, Black Fangs is the perfect ‘right now” record.  The road-savy quartet are looking to overtake a venue near you in the coming months; something not to miss! Formed by vocalist/guitarist T-Roy Medlin in 1993 Sourvein, have released three full length albums and a special ep, Imperial Bastard in 2008. The band have split recordings with Buzzov’en, Bongzilla, Rabies Caste, Church of Misery and contributed to Eyehategod’s For the Sick.

Track Listing
1.) Fangs
2.) Societys Blood
3.) Night Eyes
4.) Gasp
5.) Holy Transfusion
6.) Flux
7.) Nomadic
8.) Gemini
9.) Bleeding Charm
10.) Nocturnal/Negative Phaze

Band Members
T-Roy Medlin – vocals/guitar
King James – guitar
Jeffrie Moen – drums
Dave Sherman – bass (live)

Sourvein Band