Metal Review – Shakra – Back on Track (2011)

Shakra - Back on Track (2011)Shakra is a Swiss hard rock band. Much of what they do remind you of 80s hair metal bands actually, but with some smarter riffwork. Since their last release, Everest, in 2009, they have had to switch lead vocalists and found Indian born John Prakesh whom breathed some fresh air into the band and sounds like just what they needed on the aptly titled Back on Track.

If you have heard Shakra before, then you pretty much know what you are getting into. For me, it is not a release that I will listen to a lot just because I am more into the heavier side of metal, but this album is no slouch by any means. The riffs cut into you with some heaviness, the vocals are solid, and the songs are written well. With some furious solos splashed into the songs, it definitely makes a very good listen. I know quite a few people that would really get into this band.

The songs are rather formulaic, but each song seems to offer a little bit of something different to make them interesting. You have your catchy title track as well as you obligatory ballad, but even these ron of the mill tracks stand out just enough for you to take notice.

The rise of SHAKRA continues! It seems like nothing can stop the successful Switzerland-based hard rock force, as their previous album Everest fought its way all the way to #4 on the Swiss album charts in 2009. Since Everest, the band have recruited new vocalist John Prakesh, and showcase their newly refined lineup on their latest piece of work, Back On Track. Recorded and produced at the renowned Power Ride Studios with the band’s own guitarist Thom Blunier, the new album is quite varied from previous releases, as SHAKRA´s catchy rock moves in some slightly new directions. Prakesh´s voice allows the unit to combine the classic SHAKRA sound with the most passionate, soulful and energetic vocals the band ever offered.