Metal Review – Ommatidia – In This Life, or the Next (2011)

Ommatidia - In This Life, or the Next (2011)From the ashes of The Old Dead Tree comes Ommatidia, who bring a sound very similar to The Old Dead Tree. Ommatidia has a sound similar to a lot of gothic metal bands that I really enjoy, namely Paradise Lost, Katatonis and My Dying Bride. The problem with what Ommatidia’s In This Life, or the Next brings is that it sounds like a recycled sound coming from the more popular bands of this subgenre if metal. That is not to say that Ommatidia’s In This Life, or the Next is a bad release. It is really just nothing new though.

I was pretty bumbed about The Old Dead Tree calling it quits last year, but I was never a majot fan of theirs. They had a good sound, but pretty run of the mill and they were releasing albums around the same time as the gothic metal scene was already being overrun by a bunch of clones of the bands that were doing it right. Just look at the gothic metal bands that were doing it right – Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Lake of Tears, Sentenced. These bands were not exactly reaping in album sales. That is the main reason that Sentenced called it quits. Without getting support, it makes it very hard for bands to continue with their passion.

Ommatidia’s In This Life, or the Next pretty much continues what was going on a few years back. It is a solid release, but not one that I will listen to often at all. It has all been done before, and pretty much better than Ommatidia is doing it.

French metallers OMMATIDIA are presenting a refreshing blend of Gothic, Doom and Atmospheric Metal on their debut album. Although the band’s name might not ring a bell, OMMATIDIA is no newcomer since it is the offspring of former THE OLD DEAD TREE members Nicolas Chevrollier (guitar) and Vincent Danhier (bass). No wonder, then, that “In This Life, Or The Next” often reminds the listener of the much regretted Parisian act, disbanded late 2009. To achieve such a masterful debut, Vincent and Nicolas joined forces with vocalist Guillaume Richard (DUSTBOWL), guitarist Gilles Vardon (JARELL) and drummer Olivier Rouget (SINN). Ranging from PARADISE LOST through HEAVENWOOD and KATATONIA to MY DYING BRIDE, the basic influences of this young band bring a solid, traditional mid-nineties Gothic Metal flavor, enriched with their very own French touch! Founded in Paris in 2009, OMMATIDIA will surprise all Melodic Dark Metal fans with “In This Life, Or The Next”, a first album filled with catchy crushing riffs and pure, genuine melancholy. A splendid dark gem not to be missed!

1. Only Found By Those Who Seek
2. Starspeed God
3. Serendipity
4. Senses Commotion
5. Disclosure
6. Shy Away
7. Leaning On Complete Affinity
8. Unaffected By Loss
9. Naked Truth

Guillaume Richard: Vocals
Nicolas Chevrollier: Guitar
Vincent Danhier: Bass
Gilles Vardon: Guitar
Olivier Rouget: Drums