Metal Review – Marduk – Iron Dawn EP (2011)

Marduk - Iron Dawn EPOut on Regain Records 05.31.11 is the new Marduk EP entitled Iron Dawn. Iron Dawn is out on 6-panel Digipak CD and limited to 666 vinyl copies (200 in yellow). Sweden’s Marduk is well known for their unrelenting black metal assualt song after song on their previous releases. This is definitely a must-have collector’s piece for Marduk, or black metal, fans in general.

The EP only contains three songs, but each are well worth it. Iron Dawn begins with Warschau 2 – Headhunter Halfmoon, which is relentless from the opening seconds all through the end of this brief 4 minute song. With some well timed sound effects mixed into the track, it sounds like a war, which is a sound that we have been accustomed to hearing from Marduk.

The following track, Wacht Am Rhein Drumbeats Of Death, does not relent either. The blastbeats are intense and the vocals are shrilling screams that will cause chills up your neck. This is another track with overloaded sound effects and a wonderful atmosphere. The drums are simply intense.

The final track on the Iron Dawn EP is Prochorovka – Blood And Sunflowers, which is a title that is quite odd to say the least. Regardless of the title, the song feels like a punch in the face. At just under at 5 minute mark, it comes in as the longest track on the EP as well as the most epic in nature. It is a hate-soaked hymn that is very slow and brooding.

All in all, we have 3 new tracks from the war metal masters Marduk and I am content. It is interesting to note that the direction of the Iron Dawn EP is a different direction than they are going in with their next full-length album, which is still due out in the beginning of 2012.

An unswerving commitment to blasphemy and extremity combined with a relentless touring schedule and a steady stream of recordings has helped establish Sweden’s MARDUK as one of the best-known bands in the Scandinavian black metal scene. MARDUK is stronger then ever before!

MARDUK has again created an outstanding black metal style slab of insanity with Iron Dawn, a must-have EP for all MARDUK fans, and true black metal fans in general.

NOTE: The Iron Dawn EP differs from the concept that is being created for the next full length album which will see the light of day in early 2012!

Out on 6-panel Digipak CD and limited to 666 vinyl copies (200 in yellow).