Metal Review – Kampfar – Mare (2011)

Kampfar - Mare (2011)Longstanding Norwegian black metal band Kampfar is back at it again with Mare, and I am loving this release. Kampfar knows a little something about black metal and this album will easily become one of my favorites from them, which is saying a lot considering their back catalog. The album is as intense as black metal gets and has such a dark, ominous tone. Mare is just one good song after another with no break from beginning to end. Despite having been around since 1995, Mare is only Kampfar’s fifth full-length release, so this is a momentous time for black metal fans.

One of my concerns with this release was how their guitar-driven sound would work out since they parted ways with Thomas, the original guitar player. The came through that test with flying colors. It was as if they never missed a beat.

The album starts off with the title track, Mare, which is a strong tune with a great chorus. You will find yourself singing along with Dolk on this one, and that is not something that can be said for many black metal songs. The second track, Ildstemmer, starts off with such a melodic, mellow piano piece to only go straight for the throat once the distortion begins. Another melodic introduction starts off the track Huldreland. It is another ominous beat with some spoken word behind it before the guitars come into the mix and begins the track. The keyboard work in this track really accentuate this track wonderfully. There are so many evil riffs in this track.

Bergtatt is another track with a great melody. The entire flow of this song is done so well from beginning to end. Once again, guitar riffs are king on this track. The vocals are no slouch either. Trolldomspakt is a song with another really nice flow to it. The speed is toned down a bit, but not the aggressiveness.

Overall, the entire album is more than solid and will be a hit with black metal fans.

Mare Tracklist:
1. Mare
2. Ildstemmer
3. Huldreland
4. Bergtatt
5. Trolldomspakt
6. Volvevers
7. Blitzwitch
8. Nattgang
9. Altergang

Dolk – vocals
II13 – drums, vocals
Jon Bakker – bass