Metal Review – Hrizg – Anthems To Decrepitude (2011)

Hrizg - Anthems To Decrepitude (2011)Looks like Moribund has done it again with Hrizg. They seem to keep piling up these great releases. Hrizg is a Spanish black metal solo project and is a prime example of an underground black metal that just nails it. With that raw, unique black metal tone, Anthems To Decrepitude is a release that will please black metal diehards worldwide despite the location of the recordings.

Anthems To Decrepitude presents that unique atmosphere that only black metal brings to the table. Blastbeats run amok and the vocals are more than capable to handle the task at hand. I would feel confident recommending Hrizg – Anthems To Decrepitude to any post-Burzum era black metal fan.

The album opens up with The Infernal Scripture, which feels like an anthem to raise the unholy one. With a typical black metal tone, the album opens up slow and steady and the vocals hit home rather quickly. This is by far the longest track of the album at almost 7 minutes and contains some typical black metal elements including the droning and riffs that you would expect.

Other favorite tracks would be I Hate with its blastbeats a plenty and tempo changes throughout. Some tempo changes even bring some blastbeats that come in at supersonic speeds. The atmosphere with I Hate is just awesome. Opposite to Light is another track that has such a great atmosphere to it. It has more of a melodic tone to the song that works very well within this one.

From the catacombs of an ancient past, MORIBUND RECORDS unearths a groundbreaking newcomer whose hideous spirit resounds across times both modern and distant: the name is HRIZG, a one-man Spanish inquisition. Anthems to Decrepitude, HRIZG’s second album (and first for MORIBUND), is a startling synthesis of sepulchral atmosphere and dynamic songwriting, all housed with an exquisitely morbid soundfield. Respectful of black metal’s past but committed to forging its future – heed HRIZG’s call and sing Anthems to Decrepitude! Recommended for fans of old MAYHEM, TORMENTOR, early NECROMANTIA, and MORTUARY DRAPE.


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