Metal Review – Gravehill – When All Roads Lead to Hell (2011)

Gravehill - When All Roads Lead to Hell (2011)“Abandon all hope Motherfuckers,” are the first words spoken on When All Roads Lead to Hell, which comes out May 20th through Dark Descent Records. That phrase could not sum up the album well enough. The California-based death metal squad Gravehill are set to bring you another death metal assault from front to back with When All Roads Lead to Hell.

Outside of the closing track, each song is short and to the point. Each song is an aural assault with tight musicianship and solid vocals. If you are looking for a very solid death metal band, you could do much worse. Gravehill is the real deal.

My favorite track of the album is the catchy Devil Worshiper. Yes, I just called a death metal track catchy. Between the metal riffs weaving in and out and the catchy chorus, I have a feeling that a lot of people will be taken with this song.

Other songs that just bring the pain are Extinction and the title track, When All Roads Lead to Hell. Overall, there is not a weak spot on the album and I think that death metal fans will be very pleased with this release.