Metal Review – Endstille – Infektion 1813 (2011)

Endstille - Infektion 1813Endstille’s Infektion 1813 marks the debut of ex Nagelfar singer Zingultus, who lends a similar vocal approach like did his predecessor, Iblis, but with a little more aggressiiveness than before. at first listen to Infektion 1813, Endstille seems up to their same old tricks. The first two tracks are nothing too specials, but once Bloody H (The Hurt-Gene) comes in, I see that they are leaving their comfort zone a little and straying a little from their normal path (and I like it).

After that point, it sounds like an entirely differnt album. My two favorite tracks on the album are The Deepest Place on Earth and When Kathaaria Falls, the latter of which is begging for some serious headbanging. The Deepest Place on Earth is, dare I say, even catchy. It is just a great song.

I was quite surprised with Infektion 1813 and it sounds like a black metal album that I will be revisiting often. I think that it may just make my top ten list at the end of the year, but I am not entirely sure of that yet. I do know that it will be close to the top ten list though if it does not make it.

The stormtroopers of German Black Metal are back! ENDSTILLE deliver their seventh massive assault “Infektion 1813” with improved battle gear on all fronts. Their trademark fierce guitar riffing buzzing like a swarm of extremely furious hornets, the drumming with the speed of an MG42, and the relentless pounding bass mortar are striking harder than ever. Yet as always since their debut “Operation Wintersturm” (2002) was unleashed, the band from Baltic coast city Kiel adds some new cruel twists. “Infektion 1813” comes with some surprisingly catchy hooklines and traditional Thrash melodies hiding behind the sheer straight in your face brutality and destructive monotony, which have made ENDSTILLE so very popular. With every new operation from “Dominanz” (2004) to “Verführer” (2009) the Germans gained higher critical acclaim and their merchandise came to dominate the festivals of their home country. Despite their main subjects being anti-religious themes and lyrics dealing with both world wars, ENDSTILLE have always distanced themselves from any political extremism. The band portrays war as the destructive force it is with guts but no glory. “Infektion 1813” proudly introduces ENDSTILLE’s new frontman Zingultus of legendary German black cult act NAGELFAR and GRAUPEL fame. His aggressive hate filled vocals are the ultimate weapon for this crushing masterpiece. ENDSTILLE bring you true aggressive Black Metal. Expect no mercy!

Line Up:
Cruor: Bombenhagel (bass)
Zingultus: Agitator (vocals)
L.Wachtfels: Sturmgeschütz (guitars)
Mayhemic Destructor: Artillerie (drums)