Metal Review – Bleeding Fist – Devil’s Ferox (2011)

Bleeding Fist - Devil's Ferox (2011)After last year’s widely praised Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus MCD, Bleeding Fist has returned with their latest effort, Devil’s Ferox, which is another solid release of some black metal goodness for you. Containing 5 tracks of black metal paying homage to a lot of classic black metal bands while showing some progressiveness from classic black metal, Devil’s Ferox is one of my favorite black metal collections in recent memory.

The MCD opens up with Monuments Desecration, which hearkens back to older Watain or maybe even some Burzum. The title track, Devil’s Ferox, is next. It is a more melodic piece, but maintains the speed set up from the first track. This is one of the better tracks on the album. My favorite track off of Devil’s Ferox is easily the final track, Black and Violent (Death SS tribute), though. It is riff-heavy and melodic. The entire track just flows well with this almost-rock feel to it.

Overall, I would have no reservations recommending Bleeding Fist – Devil’s Ferox to any black metal fans by any means. I think that many metal fans will really enjoy this one.

Premiere “chaos black metal” band BLEEDING FIST return with their strongest clutch of songs yet – behold their Devil’s Ferox! Going from strength to strength after last year’s widely praised Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus MCD, the band’s latest MCD sees them refining their songcraft yet focusing their attack, delivering veritable anthems that pulse with dynamics and nuance. Granted, BLEEDING FIST can still cut loose when need be, but now exude a confidence and charisma that exceeds their young years, their flame brighter than ever. Recommended for fans of WATAIN, NIFELHEIM, FUNERAL MIST, and DEATHSPELL OMEGA.

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