Invincible Force review

Plot-From the genius Daniel Schneidkraut who gave us Seeking Wellness,comes his follow up which has a 0 budget. Captured during 90 straight days this is a documentary about Drew, who is on a program to make him look ripped and during the process, he becomes reclusive, loses his girlfriend, his job, his grip on reality. This film at 2 hours and 10 minutes shows us the transformation from day one to the 90th. Filmed on get this vhs, beta and any other machine they could get a hold off for free.

Review-This is almost like a one man play. How you feel about the film all depends on how you feel about Drew. In the beginning he seems normal enough, death metal fan, a janitor for a building complex, a great boyfriend and a chronic masturbator to online porn. He starts this program, and you see changes start happening almost in the first 2 weeks. One of them being everyone who knows him, including his gf he expects them to be on the program. Then, he gets to be so judgmental. Like he is god’s gift to women and unless they meet his criteria they don’t exist. Around the 20 to 35 day range, you notice his grip on reality start to leave. He does the workouts in the middle of the street at work. He calls his gf a fat pig and dumps her for no reason. He flies off the handle with a guy who works for the office he cleans. He is not picking up the phone anymore, and he keeps wanting to get the invincible force people to pick up their phone so he can tell them how to change the program to his liking. Around the 60 day mark, he takes down all his posters in his room, he sells off his cds and keeps containers of his piss and he gets a prostitute, when he cant get it up for her, he lets her watch him do workouts. He threatens his own dad and by day 90, you realize he has completely taken this way too far. This is basically america’s obsession with image, appearance and weight. If you ask americans what is 2 things they can always improve about themselves the bulk of them are either going to say weight or financial. To watch this film for me, was a cruel journey into someone’s sad need to impress himself. This film was almost like he was convincing himself he was someone, when the rest of the world just kept on going and going. It speaks volumes for the human psyche. When he realizes he is losing muscle mass, is when the film takes a eerie and disturbing tone. Which I wont get into. But, let us just is truly unwatchable. While I was a huge fan of Seeking Wellness, I think this film was too experimental for my own good. While I applaud the gambles and risk into a film with no budget, again this film all depends on how you relate to Drew and his plight. I think at 2 plus hours it is a lot to ask. Maybe if this film was trimmed a little, but then again if it was it would lose its purpose. I think this film is the litmus paper for others to attempt this. Good concept, but way too long a film….though, I applaud the effort.

6.75 out of 10