I want someone to eat cheese with review

Plot-This is the story about James, who has issues with life, love, career and home and uses his love of junk food to cure all his ills.

Review-I have never watched Curb your Enthusiasm. So, I had no idea who Jeff Garlin was going into this film. He plays James. James, like a lot of people these days has issues with his weight. He gives people a perception of himself without them forming a opinion. The film opens with James, who is 39 and living with his mom wanting to have a role in the remake of his all time favorite film Marty. He currently does second city comedy in Chicago and works for a show called get this Smear Job. Where get this, they play cruel jokes on people for a live audience. The one joke they do show, is they tell a car dealer that he has a daughter he knew nothing about who was dying to see him. The guy gets all emotional, and the daughter comes out and they share all these moments together, then tell him it was all a joke. This cruel tone is what fills this film. Some of the film I found decent, like the scenes with James and his niece’s school teacher. Those were funny. Esp. when James is telling a class of 2nd graders about getting laid. There are some funny one liners every here and there. Sarah Silverman plays the girl who works at the ice cream place. James falls in love with her. And she tells him the story about all she wants is someone to eat cheese with. Then, she pulls the rug out from under him quite a few times. I know a lot of people think Sarah is so talented. To me, she plays the same role each time. No changes. You can close your eyes and mentally act out her scenes if you are familiar with her talent.

This is like a love letter to Chicago, there are plenty of scenes of the city and the local feel of the characters. To me, the film tried too hard and like certain scenes like a role playing in the grocery store between Jeff and Sarah Silverman just seemed to bomb so badly. It was like the script was written, and they tried to go beyond the written word and add their own two cents and it failed. In the end, I am a huge fan of comedy and romance, and at times even cruelty in certain films..but this film tried to juggle too many balls and in the end, it dropped the majority of them on the floor. From all the talent in this film, I expected so much more

4 out of 10

  • I agree and disagree. What twist in the middle? You seen that was the way the film was going so it really is no suprize. She told him in the beginning how she was..and why call it a twist when it plays out just like Sarah Silverman said they would. The ending, I get what your saying…but it was trying so hard to be smart and heartfelt but given the flow of the film..it seemed like a cheap way to say bye. I am no Jeff Garlin fan or even know his work, but he seemed like he was running out of smoke and material around the hour mark and the rest of the film was coasting.

  • The main thing I’d add to the excellent reviews by Ed Uyeshima and CountryJim: pay close attention. The last three minutes say an awful lot. The big twist in the middle left me feeling abandoned. The denouement at the end tied me back in.