I Saw the Devil review


I saw the devil is a cat and mouse story. Secret Agent Kim Soo-hyeon is tracking down a serial killer
who murdered and beheaded his fiancee. When he finds the person responsible
Kyung-chul ( played by Oldboy hero Min-sik choi) instead of killing him, he decides to beat him
unmercifully and put a tracking device on him to keep on following him and
making his life hell. The lines of sanity, and good and evil become blurred as
he continues this cat and mouse game.




To start this review..please do not make a hollywood version of
this film. With that being said, what a awesome film. This is 2 hours and 23
minutes of just incredible film making. The first twenty minutes were so
beautifully shot, you feel the loss that not only Kim went thru but his father
in law when they found the head of his fiancee and his daughter. The music, and
the snow. It created such a great mood. This film is violent. And Min playing
Kyung was perfect. You could just look in his eyes and you just knew he was
evil. I loved the brutality, it was so believable. All involved did great jobs
with the acting. For me, when he finds out he is being tracked and how, and
takes care of it..created such a paranoia and almost tense last 30
minutes. It was nothing short of amazing. This almost seems like what Hitchcock
would put out if he existed today. This is much more than some ” horror” film.
The hunter, and hunted feel added so much to the film. You almost knew what
would happen, and after a while you start thinking, when will the roles change
and the hunter is the hunted. There is not one wasted scene in this whole film.




The dvd has some cool special features. You get over 25 minutes of deleted
scenes and a 27 minute making of doc. that I had to watch. All in all, if this
is the devil, hell does not seem like that bad of a place. What a great film,
dare I say. This is a masterpiece. Everyone should own this film.