Hellementary review

Plot-In an attempt to pass a class, a group of students agree to assist their professor in breaking into a abandoned school in order to gather information on its dark past. Once inside, they learn why you should never go into a abandoned school and be young.

Review-It seems like these films come out once every few months now. We had what School in the woods a few weeks back and now this. I liked this just a little better than School, but not that much. First off, I know it is a small no budget film so I can let pass some things…but my faults with this film did not happen till the 55 minute mark of this 85 minute film. It just got so confusing. These kids break into a school that has this past where a student named Adam, went insane and it was claimed he supposedly killed all these kids when he was in detention with them 19 years ago. The second they walk into the school, doors are opening, closing and slamming. No one thinks this is odd. Around the 55 minute mark, there are so many ghosts that we do not know who is who, and why they should matter. It was almost like a reverse frighteners. There are ones killing, ones helping, and ones that are not doing either. When it finally shows the ghost, he looks like a cross between The Undertaker, Alice Cooper and the witch from the wizard of oz. The acting was what you would expect on a shoe string budget. And the effects were ok, some of the kills were sort of fun.

But, then came the fun stuff. This film packs a ton of extras. They did not skimp on these. And holy shit, all of the following were home runs. The blooper reel was 15 minutes long and it was fun. I enjoyed it. Then, they had a map of the school where they tell you about each part as it relays to the film. Then, the prize…a 30 minute making of..that any indie film maker or wanna be director, should watch. They teach you how to use a shoe string budget and how to create shots and it was so informative. The first doc. I ever seen that really wanted to teach me how to make a film for pennies. As ok as the film was, the special features were well worth me watching it.

The film 5.75 out of 10

The bonus on this dvd…8.5 out of 10

  • Lisa

    This was one of the worst horror movies I’ve ever seen!! Like top if the list for horrible acting (everyone, even the guys. I hope none of them ever act again! There’s no emotion in any of the acting), lame unconvincing storyline, script that sounds like a fifth grader wrote it and horrible special effects. I’m so glad it came on tv one night and I didn’t have to actually pay to watch this abomination. My friends and I watched and laughed the entire time. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t meant to be a comedy. It’s impossible to get past the lack of acting talent (I’ve seen better elementry school plays) and the special effects look like MS Paint!

    I think everyone involved should be ashamed. How can you attach your name to this crap? Next time you decide to make a movie, keep it to yourself.

  • Rog

    Believe me, I’m not offended. And I didn’t play Chris so I’ll take it as a compliment… I’m just happy to hear people are seeing the film.

  • Lily

    I am talking about the guy who played Chris. He wasnt too bad, But I really wasnt buying alot of his acting. I think he would do better in a movie that is NOT supposed to be a horror movie. Other than that, The guys in the movie were really good. The girls were not…Sorry. 🙁

  • Rog

    Only because I really am gay and I played a straight character in the film… and I hope it wasn’t me because, while I accept the ADR made our acting kind of lame I’d hate to be that bad…

  • Rog

    Guy you think was gay? Which one you talking about?

  • Lily

    I rented the movie from my ‘on demand’…The Info sounded Okay…I was not to impressed..The story line was cheesy. None of it was even close to being realistic. Alot of it didnt make sence to me. Most of the male acting was pretty good…Except for the guy who i think was gay. All the female acting was terrible!! Way to NOT convince anyone your terrified for your life. Ugh. Now if this movie was done for like a High School project…I would give cudos. But seems how it wasnt… What a waste of 4.99. Good acting guys. Girls…Keep trying. Next movie ya do..Make it a little realistic.

  • Awesome…I hope people watch this film if not for anything else to see the bonus stuff on this dvd. What a jam packed dvd. And, they did it for the fans.

  • Rog

    Hey guys… I’m actually one of the actors from Hellementary (I played Steve) and a huge horror film fan. Always happy to see a new review go up for the film, whether positive or not. Just happy to see our little home-grown flick is being seen. Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

  • The story, however, leaves a lot to be desired, bogged down by cheesy dialogue, a lack of character development, and a thin back story. The quality of the cast is literally split 50/50